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A distance learning course student
Nadia Musumeci

My tutor was exceptional: prompt, accurate, and helpful. The course material was very detailed and full of relevant and up-to-date information.

I basically learnt my way into a completely new job.

A distance learning course student
Claire Broomhall

The course was thorough and covered many aspects of copywriting. I feel I have learnt more than I was expecting to, as the course has provided extra sources of information through links and examples.

The content is well put together and thorough. I like how the lessons are split into clear, specialised categories.

A distance learning course student
Terry O’Neill

Julian was fantastic. I regularly received feedback in less time than the timescales given. His feedback was concise and clear on the returned and marked assignments.

The course content was laid out into easy-to-follow modules which were bitesize enough to digest properly. The modules were well ordered and followed on from each other well.

Hannah Hawthorne

Lucy was detailed, supportive and enthusiastic. I am so grateful for her support and guidance.

The course content was excellent. I learnt how to fine-tune my work, and focus on the audience's needs.

Keith Fergus

I would highly recommend CMP's copywriting course. The lessons are easy to follow but really test your skills. I have learned so much and feel confident in pursuing a new career. Justine was an excellent tutor and very professional.

Julian, my tutor, was great, he gave very positive feedback whilst pointing out my errors. He responded to marking my assignments very quickly as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably do another course with CMP.

The course met my expectations. It was broad in scope and had sufficient detail to be very beneficial for me.

Overall, the course was excellent. It was challenging, rewarding, and worthwhile.

The course met and exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot. Particularly since I am not a native English speaker, it was very clear and concise and easy to follow whilst at the same time very comprehensive.

The tutor feedback was very good.

The course was easy to follow, and well put together. It was sufficiently challenging, but enjoyable as well.

The tutors showed that they had a great depth of knowledge on the subject, and used their comments to help me improve at each stage.

A distance learning course student
Michelle Smith

The course gave me a real understanding of how a blog should be structured, as well as the knowledge to grow its reach.

My tutor really challenged me and his feedback clearly identified my weak areas. This was just what I needed to develop further as a blogger.

I was very impressed with all aspects of the course. The learning material was of a very high quality.

Rachel was always prompt in responding to each submitted assignment. Her feedback and comments were extremely helpful in keeping me on track.

A distance learning course student
Brendan Gurrie

The course was easy to follow, understand and complete at my own time, as promised. A wide variety of learning covering a huge range of mediums and types of copywriting.

Justine was very prompt in her responses. Her feedback was useful and she was always friendly and polite.

A distance learning course student
Katherine Fridlington

The course was excellent, taking me through all aspects of copywriting and applications. Lucy was an amazing mentor. I really valued her support and her insights.

I felt she was willing me on all the way and encouraged me to always do my very best.

The course gave me a good insight into what works across all major social media platforms.

The tutorial support was helpful when required. It was good to know they were always there for me when I needed them and I would receive a reply within 2 days.

The learning materials are 100% top notch: well-structured, practical and logical.

The journey CMP take you through is equally exciting and rewarding.

The course met my expectations very well. The assignments were always well constructed and relevant.

The content was great. It covered everything and more than I expected it to. The learning material was well written and the assignments were a good length and consolidated the learning well.

The tutorial support was impressive, and the course content was very informative and helpful.

I learnt the importance of social media in attracting prospective customers and the impact it has.

The course was more difficult than I anticipated, but that was a plus, because it indicated that it is a thorough and rigorous course.

Rachel has very high standards and does not allow any sloppy work. I also appreciated how quickly the assignments were returned to me.

I have experienced online courses in the past and was impressed with the level of tutor support available.

I think the course covered every aspect of proofreading and editing. I liked the mini tests and activities included in the learning material to gauge my understanding.

I didn't know what to expect, having never done any online courses before. But I have to say, I was really impressed.

On the occasions that I had questions, my tutor responded in a really personal way that made it clear they were actually focussing on my work and progress.

The course was far more supportive than I could have imagined.

I think everything was covered thoroughly and well explained.

The course met my expectations as I passed the course with a distinction which I am very happy with, I hope to be able to utilise the services of the free career coaching scheme to be able to find work very soon.

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