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  • Accredited and UK government listed

  • Independently endorsed certifications 

  • Flexible study – no deadlines

  • Unlimited tutor support

  • Practical and engaging assignments

  • Help finding work

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The course provided validation of my strengths and weaknesses from an accredited source, and secondly, prepared me to enter the world of copywriting as a paying profession by providing up-to-date industry-standard learning content and opportunities to practice/roleplay it.

The tutorial support was excellent and was a great example of online/distance learning.

I got much more from the course than I had expected. The tutorial support was excellent. I managed to gain extensive knowledge of how social media works in practice and I could already utilise it in my own business with success.

The course exceeded my expectations with the level of detail it went into and the amount of support that was available to me.

My tutor Julian was brilliant! I always received a prompt response to my queries and assignments. He ensured the feedback was detailed so I learned from mistakes and further my knowledge.

There is a practical emphasis and all the learning materials are well designed, with handy hints for doing real-life work. Tutorial support from Julian Brouwer has been first-rate. The feedback has been useful.

Sarah Thomas

The tutorial support was amazing, it was so helpful and I can use it going forward in my new career. My biggest learn was that actually I’m better at writing than I thought I was, it was a real confidence boost.

Tanya Bailey

It exceeded my expectations! I always received prompt and excellent communication and feedback. The lesson material seemed well planned and thought through and current.

It covered many areas and I found the text and guidelines accessible and easy to understand. The assignments were very practical.

Ellen Long-Common

The course was more thorough than I expected. I appreciated receiving detailed and encouraging feedback and critique.

The course content is broad and detailed. It covers many of the aspects I expected, and a few that I hadn't considered.

I needed to sharpen my writing skills because I write a lot in my job.

The course was varied and challenging and gave a comprehensive overview of all aspects of writing.

The marked assignments were always returned promptly with constructive feedback. The content was good quality and thorough.

Amy Tuscher

The course went above and beyond my expectations, the tutors are so helpful and very quick to respond. The lessons on the course were all very interesting and broken down into easily understandable sections.

The tutors were all exceptional, friendly and so knowledgeable but able to put across any information to allow me to understand what was needed if I had a question.

Suthat Naruenartwanich

I am very satisfied with the course and its content. The support throughout the course was very good. Justine was very supportive and gave clear instructions.

The course content was very informative and practical for use in the real world.

I learned the essential techniques of writing a good copy and how to apply it to different channels such as social media, press releases, and SEO articles etc.

The lessons were interesting and informative. The assignments were challenging and rewarding.

The tutorial support was excellent. Julian Brouwer always replied in a timely manner and was extremely helpful and encouraging.

I learned where I am currently going wrong and I can improve my approach and communicate more effectively.

David Perez Hidalgo

It's a great course that covers all the fundamentals of copywriting. But it was a lot more than that actually because it touched on areas like social media, codes of practice and looking for work strategies. The tutorial support is the strongest point of the course. Sincere and professional feedback that really helps you learn and grow.

The content is well presented and it is structured in such a way that you can immediately apply what you just learned.

The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was invaluable and the support from the tutor was first class.

The learning material was clear and concise, and my tutor's feedback and comments were incredibly detailed and provided lots of added value to my understanding

The course was thorough and gave plenty of extra tips and information to help me with the studying.

The tutorial support was excellent, with encouragement and helpful advice for each assignment.

Kevin Taylor

For me the course was 100% and doesn't need any improvement. It exceeded my expectations in terms scope, writing for different audiences and formats. It has really given me 'food for thought' in terms of developing a career in this area.

Tutorial support was excellent and timely. The feedback was invaluable.

Jodi Turpin: Google SEO course

It was very detailed and useful - I feel that I can confidently carry out SEO as part of my daily tasks within my job role.

Jennie was extremely helpful and always provided excellent feedback on all assignments. She gave me the confidence to work hard on the course and reap the benefits.

I wanted to break in to the profession of copywriting through a reputable and accredited online programme. The tutorial support was amazing!

The course content was extremely thorough and well presented. The size of the lessons made it easy for me to absorb all the information and retain it.

During lockdown I found myself with no work and decided to give CMP's course a go with the intentions of setting up in business or working for someone as a proofreader.

The course provided me with the necessary skills to move into a new role as a QA specialist.

The course was excellent.  It was so informative and I learned so much.  The tutors were very supportive, and replied to queries very quickly.  The tutors were very helpful and encouraging with assignments.

The course was more interesting than I had expected. I have acquired the skills needed to become a professional proofreader and editor. 

I learnt a lot of valuable information and hope to be able to start my own freelance business. I have already proofread and copyedited a novel for a work colleague, and I hope to be able to do so again.

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