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The course was more difficult than I anticipated, but that was a plus, because it indicated that it is a thorough and rigorous course.

Rachel has very high standards and does not allow any sloppy work. I also appreciated how quickly the assignments were returned to me.

I have experienced online courses in the past and was impressed with the level of tutor support available.

I think the course covered every aspect of proofreading and editing. I liked the mini tests and activities included in the learning material to gauge my understanding.

I didn't know what to expect, having never done any online courses before. But I have to say, I was really impressed.

On the occasions that I had questions, my tutor responded in a really personal way that made it clear they were actually focussing on my work and progress.

Andre Lampen: CMP copywriting course graduate
Andre Lampen

I have aspirations of becoming either an editorial assistant or copywriter and thought this course would equip me with more skills and practical experience to enter these fields. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent.

The course was far more supportive than I could have imagined.

I think everything was covered thoroughly and well explained.

Keith Fergus

I would highly recommend CMP's copywriting course. The lessons are easy to follow but really test your skills. I have learned so much and feel confident in pursuing a new career. Justine was an excellent tutor and very professional.

I wanted to develop my proofreading and editing skills so that I can start looking for freelance work.

The course met my expectations in all ways. Julian was extremely helpful with the feedback he provided for my assignments. He was also very encouraging in his comments.

The course content was broad and I liked how it included digital, print, copy editing, academic, legal (very important), and also finding a job.

The assignments were marked promptly and with positive, constructive feedback.

The content was really informative, relevant and up to date.

Ronan George

The tutorial support was fantastic, and I thought the content was very good.

I learnt the basics for beginning a career in the industry as well as the confidence that I can thrive in the sector.

The course was beyond my expectations; it was enjoyable to learn, easy to follow and understand. I have not been disappointed.

This course was an excellent combination of theory and practice.

As a freelancer, the self-study format is ideal.

A distance learning course student
Eugene Struthers

The course content and structure is perfect as it gives you loads of practical advice and teaches you how to approach web editing in the work environment.

A distance learning course student
Jones Rundora

The course met my expectations exceedingly.

I measure this by how I am now able to critique other peoples adverts or writing.

A distance learning course student
James Verstringhe

I enrolled to learn more about SEO and how to optimise online web content, in particular blogs and articles.

The course was extremely good, especially the tutor who went out of her way to help and provide additional information. She was extremely responsive.

The course exceeded my expectations. Julian was so prompt in grading and returning my work.

The content was very thorough but easy to understand.

The course was really worth it. I learned a lot and I'm happy to say that I created a new skill set.

Shuna was great. She was quick, kind and thorough with her work. I found the course content quite engaging and resourceful.

The course covered more than I thought it would.

It was very easy to contact the tutors and get quick feedback and answers to questions.

I have seen many graduates said the course exceeded their expectations and I must say: mine too.

The course covered all the information one needs for successful proofreading and editing.

There was a lot of course content, all of which was relevant and very interesting.

I learned an awful lot about proofreading and editing and now feel confident that I can have a career in this field.

The tutor support was fantastic and each section of the course was clearly laid out and easy to read.

I don't think the course can be improved.

The tutorial support I got was very good. It helped me a lot.

The course covered a lot. I am happy with it.

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