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I was very pleased with the course. I learnt a lot from it and gained lots of knowledge.

My tutor Rachel was amazing. She would mark my work very quickly. She also had a lot of advice and help to give.

The tutor feedback given during the course was valuable and encouraging. Course content seemed to be wide and varied giving me the opportunity to test myself in different areas.

I learned a lot about my strengths and areas that need a little more fine tuning.

I learnt how to write clear and engaging content for different mediums. The tutorial support has been fantastic throughout.

For me, I don't think there is anything that I would change about the course at this stage.

A distance learning course student
Clare Ellis

The tutorial support was really good and I always got a quick response from the tutors.

I don't think there is anything you can do to improve the course. It pretty much covered everything needed to become a copywriter.

Justine was brilliant, so supportive and provided excellent feedback.

I loved the course content. I learned so much. The assignments really pushed me.

Ellen Long-Common

The course was more thorough than I expected. I appreciated receiving detailed and encouraging feedback and critique.

The course content is broad and detailed. It covers many of the aspects I expected, and a few that I hadn't considered.

A distance learning course student
Anne Robertson

I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it. I really appreciated the detailed feedback from my tutor, Ian, which I thought was spot on.

The course reinforced some aspects of editing that I already knew and introduced other aspects to me in an accessible way.

I liked having the tutorial support. Julian was knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful.

I thought the course content was excellent, well planned and well presented. Julian was knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful.

A distance learning course student
Lucy Goddard

The course exceeded my expectations. Informed, insightful and geared towards its students.

The content was relevant and detailed. I learnt a huge amount about effective copy and delivery.

A distance learning course student
Kayleigh Derbyshire

The course was better than expected, very thorough but lacking in pressure, which is ideal for a learner like me.

The content was very thorough and informative.

The course was excellent, very informative and effective practice through assignments.

The tutorial support was excellent, great feedback and friendly commentary.

A distance learning course student
Ffion Jones

I loved the flexibility. I could complete my assignments at any time, which is perfect to fit around my lifestyle.

The tutorial support was great! Justine would answer any questions I had in a matter of hours.

The content is very useful and well structured. It helps me to solve situations in my actual job.

Dr Finnegan has been wonderful.

A distance learning course student
Matthew McAdam

The course exceeded my expectations, and I learned a lot more than just the basic skills.

I was very impressed with how varied and in depth the content was, covering a wide range of areas.

The course was very good. More topics were covered than I expected.

The tutorial support was good. I received fast and detailed responses to assignments.

The tutorial support was supportive, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable.

Content was excellent, challenging and informative, and I learnt a great deal.

A distance learning course student
Rory McVeigh

I wasn't sure what to expect but I feel that the course covered everything in the right amount of detail.

The tutor was generally very prompt with marking assignments and giving feedback.

The course was very informative, and it definitely met my expectations. I thought the course content was good and varied.

I feel that I have learned all the basics that I will need for starting a new career.

I was blown away by how much practical guidance and support the College of Media and Publishing gave me.

I have learnt loads, I feel well equipped to gain suitable employment as a proofreader and editor.

The tutorial support was prompt and very useful.

The content was very detailed and contained a great deal of helpful advice and resources.

I've learnt such an array of new skills, which I have already started to put into action.

I know how to look out for lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes now.

The course clearly exceeded my expectations.

As sceptical as I was, I can't believe I could learn so much in just 12 lessons. Overall, the course was perfect for me.

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