I enrolled to be a better SEO copywriter, enhance my credentials as an SEO advisor and add another revenue stream to my freelance business. Also to improve the ranking of my website.

The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was invaluable and the support from the tutor was first class. Although I read lots of blogs and articles about SEO, I discovered so much more from this course that consolidated my previous understanding and cut through a lot of the jargon as misinformation out there. I liked the fact that there were no time pressures on me to finish.

Jennie was amazing! Not only did she mark my assignments in record time, her feedback and comments were incredibly detailed and provided lots of added value to my understanding. She was also on hand whenever I had a query and helped me out no end.

The learning material was clear and concise, providing not just information needed to complete each assignment but lots of other useful content to enhance my learning and general understanding of the topic.

I will no doubt be referring back to the material over and over again in the weeks and months ahead as I build my business and continue to work on my website. The highlight for me was the simple and obvious tactic of making a calendar to manage daily SEO tasks. This had never occurred to me but now I have one and it is proving a great management tool and timesaver.

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