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I was a lost cause before I came to CMP! I had failed my 100wpm exam several times, and was only achieving around 50% accuracy. That meant every other word wrong. But after CMP's course, I passed first time.

Robert Kardos

I cannot thank CMP enough. Thanks to their course, my site is now number one on Google. It was not even listed before I started. It has made a big difference to my business, with many new clients.

The tutor support from Cleland was excellent. The advice given was very clear and helpful. The course took me around three months to complete. I found the content very interesting, and it certainly met my expectations.

Julian Price

I have undertaken and enjoyed several courses with CMP, including this copywriting course. I can certainly recommend this course. I am now picking up regular copywriting work, both in article writing and web content.

The course was thorough and the tutor support was excellent. I always felt comfortable asking questions and receiving knowledgeable answers. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. It covered everything I needed.

Cleland’s support was excellent, prompt, and friendly. The content provided me with the foundation to begin a proofreading service. Apart from teaching the fundamentals, it has honed my observation skills.

The tutorial support was excellent! Having sent my exercises in for comment, I was amazed at how quickly I got replies and feedback. I couldn't fault it and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I would highly recommend CMP’s courses to anyone with serious ambitions to work within this diverse field. If you are looking for a way to learn all the ins and outs of journalism, then look no further than CMP!

It was a good, comprehensive course. It provided a huge amount of information and many helpful websites. The style of tutoring was really helpful and encouraging at all times. I felt the tutor's criticisms were fair and justified.

Cleland is an exceptional tutor and the advice and support I got from him was incredible. I have always been interested in proofreading and have always enjoyed language and writing, so this course absolutely met my needs.

Emails were answered very swiftly. Whenever I was stuck or had a question, the tutor got straight back to me. I have gained an improved knowledge of English grammar and punctuation, as well as a professional approach to proofreading.

This journalism course met my expectations and helped me fulfil my dream of becoming a journalist on my country's national paper, the Solomon Star. The speed of tutor response when answering questions and marking assignments was awesome.

Webediting course student Alex Hopkins
Alex Hopkins

This course provides a thorough introduction to webediting. It effectively demystifies an area which I had always been wary of and did not know how to approach. I can't recommend this course highly enough. The tutorial support was superb.

Webwriting course student Theresa Paul
Therasa Paul

The course was an inspirational mix of practical tips and guidance on writing. The tutorial support provided was excellent. Work was returned promptly and with detailed, specific, and always positive comments.

I wanted to change career paths. Full-time college wasn't something that fitted with my lifestyle at the time. My tutor was brilliant in his understanding, encouragement and flexibility. CMP are passionate about what they do.

Copywriting course student Florence Cameron
Florence Cameron

I wanted to improve my website, make it work and generate more business. I also wanted to learn how to write articles for the web. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent.

I wanted to break in to the profession of copywriting through a reputable distance learning programme. The tutorial support was amazing! I wouldn't have changed a thing. I would recommend the course to friends.

Keith McGuinness

I'd highly recommend CMP's copywriting course. It gives you a good understanding of what it takes to be a copywriter. Cleland’s feedback is valuable and prompt, and he has really given me confidence to look for work.

The course was of the highest quality. The tutor support is the best I have ever encountered on any course, whether bricks and mortar, or online. I have high expectations and have never been disappointed in any way with CMP.

I wanted to refresh my skills and particularly learn new skills in writing for the web. The course was good value for money and just what I was looking for. The tutorial support was excellent.

Amanda Rees

I enjoyed the course content. I also love the fact that CMP offers short courses such as this, as they meet the needs of modern society. All in all, I am very impressed and very confident in the knowledge my tutor has.

A distance learning course student
Anna Huang
Speed reading course

To be honest, this is a course that everyone should do. Better speed reading skills make such a difference in all kinds of areas of your life. Go for it! By the time I completed the course, I was around 30% quicker. I was delighted!

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