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  • Accredited and UK government listed

  • Independently endorsed certifications 

  • Flexible study – no deadlines

  • Unlimited tutor support

  • Practical and engaging assignments

  • Help finding work

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A distance learning course student
Nick Mitchell

The tutorial support was excellent. Jennie was always very responsive, gives great feedback, is open to questions and always provides useful links and resources to back up her feedback.

The course content was very good. I now have a much better understanding of SEO and all of the intricate details which are involved in developing my SEO strategy.

A distance learning course student
Sarah Crake

I enrolled on the course with the aim to become a professional copywriter, writing copy as a freelancer outside of the (less creative) day job!

I thought I knew what copywriting was, until I joined the CMP course. There are so many different types of copywriting, and the course covered all of them in depth. The tutorial support was excellent. Super encouraging and intuitive feedback from very knowledgeable tutors.

I thought the course content was excellent. The last lesson about working with brands and setting up as a copywriter, really wrapped the learning up nicely. The assignments really made you use your brain! I think it was clever that some of the topics were chosen to demonstrate that you might have to write about subjects, that aren't your personal preference. I also liked the way the Lessons were so different, yet subtly built up your knowledge.

In a nutshell - I learnt to write words not waffle!The course taught me how commercially focused writing is. I used to view copy as 'descriptive wording'. And it was actually a revelation to learn that copy is actually sales focused. Not just random sentences that sound a bit interesting. I learnt how to write succinct headlines and more targeted, shorter sentences.

At times, I found the course quite challenging. Don't expect to rush through lessons in your lunch break! Some of them require a lot of research and deep thinking. Overall, I found the course super-informative, commercially relevant and confidence-boosting.

I really enjoyed the course. It is well structured, flexible, and the tutorial support is amazing. Each lesson is long enough to cover everything and the assignments are designed to properly test the students.

My tutor was fantastic. She was very fast responding to my emails and marking my assignments.

A distance learning course student
Tracy Harfouche

I really enjoyed it. The tutors were very supportive. Their feedback was always well detailed and explained.

I found the course content to be very comprehensive. I loved that the course did not only teach me how to write, but also what tools I can use and how to deal with clients in the future.

Mayur Mistry

Enrolling on to the copywriting course at CMP has proven to be an invaluable experience. Not only to feel more confident in applying my newly acquired skills, but I have also gained regular freelance work.

I wanted to change my career path. My expectations were highly exceeded! The support was fantastic. The content was easy to understand and enlightening.

I learnt the ins and outs of proofreading and the most effective way of editing.

Alison Hughes

I chose CMP after researching many other online copywriting courses and I wasn’t disappointed. The course content, student support and communication were second to none.

I had a bad experience with other providers, but CMP offered me a great lesson list, relevant to everything I wanted to learn. The course offers far more support than any other provider and is fantastic value for money, with the freedom to study.

Rachel was a fantastic mentor: quick to respond and explain any difficulties. The tutorial support was fantastic!

The course was user friendly, and covered all the aspects expected. My tutor provided much useful feedback on assignments in a timely manner, which was much appreciated.

The course content was interesting and varied, and met the objectives of the course. I enjoyed this course, and found it enhanced my existing skills and knowledge in this area.

Copywriting course student Caroline Wearn
Caroline Wearn

Justine's comments have truly made me feel confident as a writer and for that, I am extremely grateful. I feel like I have learned everything I need to know to become a great writer. I have recommended this course to so many people already!

The course exceeded my expectations. I got more than I asked for. It's worth paying for. I have a feeling that I have been prepared adequately to face whatever challenges that come my way in my chosen profession.

The tutorial support was fantastic! Dr Rachel Finnegan was never tired of answering my questions. The course content was great. It was appropriate and well-structured.

As a self-published author of three novels, I wanted to learn to proofread and edit competently.

Originally, I thought an online course may be limited, but as it was based in the UK and it was something I could do during the Covid-19 restrictions, I decided to take a chance. I am very happy to confirm that this course greatly exceeded my expectations.

I thought the course content was fantastic, especially for online learning. The topics are explained in easy-to-understand detail, the quizzes are very helpful and the assignments are excellent.

My experience was faultless, so I can't think of anything to add to improve this course. My tutor responded very quickly whenever I emailed her, my grades were returned much quicker than I expected and the CMP website is easy to navigate and understand.

The course was great. It gave me a lot more hands-on experience and practice than I had expected it to. The tutorial support was great. Response times were fast, and the marking and support was particularly constructive.

A distance learning course student
Sean Toohey

I was pleasantly surprised by how in-depth the course is, covering the basics in an easy to understand format and providing many supplementary links to give the option of further study.

The tutorial support provided great feedback, breaking down assignments and describing, in useful detail, what works and what doesn't work in any given project. Well worth the price tag, engaging and informative.

A distance learning course student
Michele-Estee Suddaby

The tutorial support was fantastic. My tutor was Shuna, and she was brilliant! She marked all of my assignments and responded to my queries very quickly.

I thought the course content was great for a beginner like me. It was easy to understand and covered all of the necessary elements needed for proofreading and editing.

I enrolled in this course as a key training for my role as content/features writer at Yello Media Group. I am directly responsible for nine of the company's 20 markets. I don't know how to improve this class. It was a great learning experience. I graduated university almost a decade ago and this course was my first real professional development class since school and I am impressed.

The course was amazing. It covered everything I expected.

The tutor support makes the course outstanding. Excellent feedback given in a timely manner. The course content went beyond what I was expecting.

I had never done online courses before this one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well … I loved it. The quality of the learning material was excellent, the support I received from my tutor was phenomenal.

The course with CMP was superb in every way. Do not enrol with any other course provider. Julian Brouwer was fantastic. He supported me in every way, and answered all my questions - instantly.

I didn't just learn what I needed to know, the course was a great adventure in itself.

The tutorial support was excellent. Marked assignments are returned lightning-fast with extensive comments which is far better than many other institutions. Individual queries are also answered very quickly.

From start to finish the staff were amazing and very helpful. My tutor, Andy Carter, was extremely helpful and resourceful​. Since completion of my course a few months ago I have secured my first few paying clients.

Copywriting course student Jane Turner
Jane Turner

I wanted to try to find copywriting work after being made redundant. I needed to get some practice and an accredited certificate, and benefit from CMP’s expertise and feedback. The course was detailed, with useful feedback.

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