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Mayur Mistry

Enrolling on to the copywriting course at CMP has proven to be an invaluable experience. Not only to feel more confident in applying my newly acquired skills, but I have also gained regular freelance work.

I enrolled in this course as a key training for my role as content/features writer at Yello Media Group. I am directly responsible for nine of the company's 20 markets. I don't know how to improve this class. It was a great learning experience. I graduated university almost a decade ago and this course was my first real professional development class since school and I am impressed.

The course exceeded my expectations with the level of detail it went into and the amount of support that was available to me.

My tutor Julian was brilliant! I always received a prompt response to my queries and assignments. He ensured the feedback was detailed so I learned from mistakes and further my knowledge.

Copywriting course student Jane Turner
Jane Turner

I wanted to try to find copywriting work after being made redundant. I needed to get some practice and an accredited certificate, and benefit from CMP’s expertise and feedback. The course was detailed, with useful feedback.

Teodora Grigorie: CMP copywriting course graduate
Teodora Grigorie

This course really changed my opinion about online courses. It did more than meet my expectations, it was a real investment in my copywriting skills. I think the tutors are really professional, always there with relevant advice for you.

The course was truly excellent. Extremely comprehensive, relevant and also quite fascinating in places. The tutorial support was absolutely first class. I learned new skills, for example, Adobe Acrobat proofreading and using track changes more effectively, and gaining a sound understanding of basic copyright and libel law.

Andre Lampen: CMP copywriting course graduate
Andre Lampen

I have aspirations of becoming either an editorial assistant or copywriter and thought this course would equip me with more skills and practical experience to enter these fields. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent.

I wanted to change my career path. My expectations were highly exceeded! The support was fantastic. The content was easy to understand and enlightening.

I learnt the ins and outs of proofreading and the most effective way of editing.

Louise Bennett

I was really happy with my tutor – she was thorough with each assignment. I needed her honest appraisal and suggestions. I felt totally supported throughout the course. The great news is that many of my assignments will become part of my portfolio.

A distance learning course student
Kurt Duvel Copywriting course

The course provided validation of my strengths and weaknesses from an accredited source, and secondly, prepared me to enter the world of copywriting as a paying profession by providing up-to-date industry-standard learning content and opportunities to practice/roleplay it.

The tutorial support was excellent and was a great example of online/distance learning.

Monika Gottlid-Henderson

Justine Holman was a fantastic and inspiring tutor. I very much appreciated how prompt she was in reviewing my assignments.

Overall, I am very pleased with the course.

The course met all of my expectations. I now feel more confident in my proofreading and editing skills which will benefit my workplace and when I start to freelance.

Overall, it was excellent and very enjoyable.

Ronan George

The tutorial support was fantastic, and I thought the content was very good.

I learnt the basics for beginning a career in the industry as well as the confidence that I can thrive in the sector.

I wanted a career change but I needed confidence and mentorship. I got both from the Copywriting course offered by CMP.

Well worth the time and money. I personally got a lot from it and hope it's the beginnings of a successful career change.

A distance learning course student
Hector John Periquin

I learned the many things to be considered when copyediting and proofreading. I have slowly develop my skills in being meticulous in different details.

It was very good and enjoyable for me. I would recommend it to others.

I really enjoyed the course. It is well structured, flexible, and the tutorial support is amazing. Each lesson is long enough to cover everything and the assignments are designed to properly test the students.

My tutor was fantastic. She was very fast responding to my emails and marking my assignments.

I was blown away by how much practical guidance and support the College of Media and Publishing gave me.

I have learnt loads, I feel well equipped to gain suitable employment as a proofreader and editor.

It was just what I was looking for. The reading material was clear, well-written, not too long and had a lightness of touch, which was very welcome.

I had the head tutor, Dr Rachel Finnigan, and she was knowledgeable, friendly and supportive, and very fair in her comments.

A distance learning course student
Hector John Periquin Proofreading course

I expected it to be very flexible for a worldwide audience, and it was good. Julian was very patient and understanding, and the content was very rich and helpful.

It was very good and enjoyable for me. I would recommend it to others.

I chose this course as I was exploring opportunities that would allow me to work from home.

I personally loved the assignments being marked by my tutor, as the feedback was invaluable and pushed me a little harder.

A distance learning course student
Tatiana Amador-Neves

The course did meet my expectations as it was very informative and useful. The assignments were enjoyable to complete.

I learnt a lot about how different social media's are used by businesses and what they use each one for.

Rob Wightman

The course gave me a good grounding in commercial writing. Since completing the course, I have taken on several clients for whom I provide website copy, press releases and advertising features.

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