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Accredited creative writing course

Creative writing level 4 diploma

Course summary

£294.50 incl VAT. Payment instalment options
3 x monthly payments of £98.16. No charges, interest or credit checks.
Mitch Larney
Good English and a passion for writing
Duration / hours:
Approximately 60-80 hours of study. You work at your own pace.
ABC Awards level 4 diploma
Awarding body:
ABC Awards

Course review

Pamela Parrish: creative writing course

I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence to do this course, but I succeeded and I enjoyed it very much. The materials were really enlightening, and I learnt such a lot of new things.

Pamela Parrish: creative writing course

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Course overview

Do you have the urge to write, but struggle to know where to start?

Our new online creative writing course is perfect for beginners. It introduces you to the many different types of fiction and non-fiction writing that you can do for fun, profit…or both!

Our comprehensive creative writing course takes you through the basic writing skills, before moving on to the main types of writing, such as:

  • Feature articles, biographies and reviews
  • Filler material, readers’ letters and competition entries
  • Scripts for theatre, TV and radio
  • Writing for specialist markets, including religious and children’s publications

We also offer additional course content on such essential topics as finding a steady supply of good ideas to write about, presenting your work professionally, and working with images.

You will receive full tutor support throughout and personal feedback on your course assignments.

If you would like to take your writing further, as a career or exciting part-time income opportunity, the final module is dedicated to helping you sell your work to a variety of markets.

So, whether you are a writing novice, looking to broaden your writing horizons, or just seeking a creative new hobby, our comprehensive creative writing course is the perfect place to find inspiration.

You will also benefit from unlimited tutor support every step of the way, including personalised feedback on every assignment.

When you graduate, you will receive the ABC awards certificate of achievment, and the accredited CMP diploma in creative writing. Both qualifications are industry recognised, and prove you are a certified creative writer.

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ABC awards logoAt the end of this course, successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards, and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the subjects they have completed as part of the course.

This creative writing course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme

We will also email you the fully accredited CMP diploma in creative writing, which is an industry recognised qualification that proves you are a qualified creative writer.

These awards will enable you to apply for creative writing jobs, develop your career, or help you find freelance work.

How does the course work?

Our courses are delivered online. This means you can study at a pace you're completely comfortable with and fit your course around your lifestyle.

You'll also benefit from having a personal course tutor who will mark your assignments, answer your questions and give helpful and friendly advice.

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Course subjects 

This course covers everything you need to know to get started as a creative writer

Lesson 01: You can be a writer
  • How to get started
  • Where, when and what to write
  • Finding your form, including experiments in fiction and non-fiction prose, poetry and drama
  • Who you can write for: how to appeal to varied audiences including children, young adults and adults 
Lesson 02: The basics
  • Writing and publishing terminology
  • Applying a style guide
  • Presenting your work correctly
  • Creative a cover sheet
  • Keeping legally safe notebooks and records

Lesson 03: What to write about
  • Developing your imagination and producing ideas
  • Overcoming writer's block 
  • Finding original angles and follow-ups
  • Reading as a writer
  • Writing as a reader
Lesson 04: Writing techniques
  • The importance of drafting
  • Develop your own style: finding your unique ‘voice’
  • Achieve brevity, fluency and consistency
  • Writing for a reader
Lesson 05: How to write fictional prose, including:
  • Short stories: different types of short story, flash-fiction. Scene setting, characterisation, dialogue, narrative point of view
  • Novels: different genres, traditional and modern forms. Scene setting, characterisation, dialogue, narrative point of view
  • ‘Genre’ fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, crime. Scene setting, characterisation, dialogue
  • ‘Literary’ fiction:history, scene setting, characterisation, dialogue, narrative point of view
Lesson 06: How to write non-fiction prose, including:
  • Fillers for women’s / coffee break magazines
  • Feature articles
  • Readers’ letters
  • News articles
  • Biographies, nostalgia, memoirs
  • Competition entries: writing / poetry competitions
  • Religious and inspirational articles
  • Reviews
  • Blogs
Lesson 07: Writing poetry and drama
  • Identify the key characteristics of free verse, sonnets and haiku
  • Use key poetic terminology including caesura, rhyme and metre
  • Employ key poetic techniques and features such as metaphor, rhyme and metre
  • State the importance of dialogue and stage directions in dramatic scripts
  • Employ stage directions in a script
Lesson 08: Gathering information and content
  • Researching your content
  • Writing previews
  • Producing listings
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Using your own experiences
  • Taking and using photos and videos 
Lesson 09: Preparing work for publication
  • Checking / revising your work
  • Proofreading and editing your articles
  • Legal issues, including libel, copyright, plagiarism
Lesson 10: Selling your work
  • ​Submitting articles for publication
  • Writing an effective query letter and synopsis
  • Securing commissions
  • Negotiating fees and contracts
  • Spotting photojournalism opportunities
  • Selling fiction: contacts, agents

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Course tutor: Mitch LarneyCreative writing course tutor, Mitch Larney

Lecturer | creative consultant | freelance writer

Emagazine | OCR | Johnston Press

We provide you with a personal tutor who will mentor you through the course, mark your assignments, and give you expert advice whenever you need it.

All our tutors are professionals who are still working in their sectors. They will be there to help you every step of the way. And you can contact them whenever you need to.

Our creative writing course tutor is Mitch Larney.

Mitch has more than 14 years' experience teaching English and creative writing to A-level standard.

He is a keen writer and has had articles and resources published in magazines, newspapers and exam board publications.

He has worked to successfully help countless students to succeed over the years and has acted as an editor and story consultant for a number of writers including Ray Cluley, winner of the British Fantasy Award 2013 (short story).

More about Mitch

Price and payment

The price of our creative writing course is £294.50 (incl. VAT). This fee can either be paid in full, or over three interest free monthly payments of £98.16. 

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Duration and hours

The duration of this course is approximately 60-80 hours. You fit these hours in whenever is best for you. We offer complete flexibility, with no deadlines or time limits. 

This means you can study at a pace that suits you, and fit the course around your lifestlye.

On average, people take around three months to complete the course, but it does not matter if you take longer. The course does not have an expiry date.

There are no set enrolment dates. You can enrol and begin studying whenever suits you.

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It's important to study online with a provider you can trust. You will be in safe hands studying with us. We have been running our online courses since 2003. 

We are listed on the government's UK Register of Learning Providerswhich is run by the Department for Education. 

We are fully accredited by three recognised organisations:

Our accrediting bodies have reciprocal arrangements with other countries, which means you can study this course from whichever country you live in.

Student discount card

Our creative writing course enables you to get an NUS student discount card, enabling you to save money on more than 170 brands across the UK.

You can get 10% off at the Co-op, 5% off at Amazon, 10% off at Superdrug, 10% off at New Look, and 20% off at WH Smith. Plus many more. 


What will I need need to study this course?

In order to study our creative writing course, you will need the following:

  • access to a computer, tablet or similar device
  • internet access
  • Microsoft Word or equivalent: OpenOffice, iWork pages
  • an email account

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Where you could fit in as a creative writer

Many people aspire to write. But without the proper training and guidance, they struggle to commit to their dream.

Our comprehensive creative writing course helps you discover your true talents and supports your writing goals.

If you would like to write simply for your own pleasure, we teach you the basics of writing and provide professional feedback, so you can develop your skills.

If you would like to take it a step further and make some money from your writing, we show you how to target your work to specific markets and craft query letters and synopses that get you noticed.

You might think that selling your writing is a pipe dream, but remember that every successful writer – both fiction and non-fiction – was once a complete beginner!

There are many different types of writing out there, from short news articles and filler material to full-length biographies and plays.

We have created our creative writing course to give you the opportunity to explore all these areas and more.

Non-fiction graduate, Pamela Parrish, thought our course was ideal for anyone who wants to be a writer but doesn’t know where to start. See her review.

If writing has always been your dream, or you simply want to find out if it’s for you, our comprehensive creative writing course can start you on the ‘write’ path.

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CMP Charter Mark

CMP charter markThe Charter Mark is our assurance of accredited educational quality.

We award it to students who have graduated from one of our courses or training programmes. It helps them to gain recognition and find work.

Holders are licensed to use it on their websites, stationery, and social media profiles.

The Charter Mark guarantees that holders have achieved set standards of competence in a given field.

It gives employers confidence that applicants for staff positions or freelance work have received accredited training and independent assessment.

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This course gets results

Our graduates have gone on to become successful freelancers, and make a good living from writing.

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When you finish

When you complete the course, you will receive two respected qualifications:

These recognised awards will add value to your CV, and help when you apply for writing jobs or freelance work.

We go the extra mile

We will still be here to help you, even after you have completed your course. There’s no cut-off point.

We provide:

  • personal careers advice
  • help with your CV
  • help looking for work
  • a reference when applying for jobs

What happens when I enrol?

Once you have completed your enrolment form, and have paid your fee, we will be in touch very quickly via email, usually within 15-20 minutes, during office hours. We will send your introductory materials so you can get started. 

There are no set enrolment dates. You can enrol and begin studying whenever suits you.Buy this courseEmail us

Course reviews

I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence to do this course, but I succeeded and I enjoyed it very much. The materials were really enlightening, and I learnt such a lot of new things. Pamela Parrish

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