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Julian was fantastic. I regularly received feedback in less time than the timescales given. His feedback was concise and clear on the returned and marked assignments.

The course content was laid out into easy-to-follow modules which were bitesize enough to digest properly. The modules were well ordered and followed on from each other well.

The course was very educational and helpful. I learnt a lot about writing well.

The content was excellent, thorough and well presented.

I enrolled to help improve my writing and to have something to put on my CV to show that I am working on making myself better.

It really helped - well rounded and great information. My tutor Julian Brouwer was great.

This course helped me look at the way I am writing and also helped shape a book I am writing.

The tutorial support was excellent - very supportive and helpful. Julian Brouwer went above and beyond.

The lessons and completed assignments arrived in a timely fashion and the honest feedback was very helpful. I think the content was extremely relevant and helped me to shape my writing.

The course itself was brilliant, as was the course material and the tutor support. It was great how flexible it was. My tutor was fantastic; he really helped when I needed it and was there to encourage and motivate me.

The course was better than expected, with real life assignments to complete. Very helpful feedback that was both constructive and informative. I enjoyed the course so much.

I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence to do this course, but I succeeded and I enjoyed it very much. The materials were really enlightening, and I learned such a lot of new things.

Beverley Duddridge

The course was excellent, and exceeded my expectations. I am now brimming with ideas for my blog. CMP really do make you feel like you’re the only student they have. I enjoyed the course so much I’ve signed up for two more courses!

I did this course as I wanted to stay at home with my baby and study at the same time. It was a great experience and I recommend it. Could the course have been improved? No, it is perfect as it is.

The course was of the highest quality. The tutor support is the best I have ever encountered on any course, whether bricks and mortar, or online. I have high expectations and have never been disappointed in any way with CMP.

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