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A distance learning course student
Michelle Smith

The course gave me a real understanding of how a blog should be structured, as well as the knowledge to grow its reach.

My tutor really challenged me and his feedback clearly identified my weak areas. This was just what I needed to develop further as a blogger.

A distance learning course student
Logadassen Peruman

The course was very helpful in making me aware all the aspects of blogging. The course content is easy to understand, to the point and well structured. I learned how to write an interesting blog post, how to engage readers and most importantly how to be concise.

A distance learning course student
Graham Dermott

I enrolled in the hope of being able to write to a professional level. I am very happy with the honest feedback and feel I have developed as a result of it. The tutorial support was fantastic.

Lindsay Narey

The course content was thorough and interesting, covering all the important aspects. I learned how to set up and maintain a decent music blog. Plus lots of ideas and inspiration for content.

A distance learning course student
Stuart Campbell

The course not only helped me to enhance the quality of my writing but also, with my tutor's sage advice, to understand each of the fundamental aspects of principles of blogging. To my mind, it was very comprehensive.

A distance learning course student
Adrian Nung

The course met all my expectations. The tutorial support was exceptional - great support throughout the course. My tutor was always there to respond to questions, timely in providing in-depth answers.

Gail Johnston: CMP business blogging course graduate
Gail Johnston

I had never had any formal blogging training before. The tutorial support was spot on. The course content was very relevant and made me consider the way I wrote. I was taught exactly what people expect from a business blog, which was was something that was previously unclear to me.

I wanted to learn the how to blog properly to help with my business. The tutorial support was very helpful, and the course content was clear, well-structured, with hands-on instructions.

Elias Limwanya

CMP has opened doors to my dream of sports blogging. I had doubts whether to enrol, but CMP have changed the way I think about online learning. I can now write with the confidence.

Chris Carra

I can recommend CMP for blogging training, as my blog, about Swansea City FC, won the Best Sports Blog title in the Wales Blog Awards. The judges said my passion for my team shone through and the blog was a must-read for the fans.

Alistair McLauchlan: CMP webediting course graduate
Ali McLauchlan

I signed up for the course after noticing CMP on the internet. Personally, I think this course is perfect. Why pay more, when all the knowledge you need is with CMP? I plan to study further with CMP.

A distance learning course student
Online Courses Reviews

I'm a big fan of CMP and wish more learning providers out there existed. Cleland is my kind of teacher ...

A distance learning course student
Vicky Allison

This course matched my needs perfectly. The course exceeded my expectations - it provided a number of valuable nuggets of information that have been of benefit already and will continue to do so in the future.

A distance learning course student
Carol Martin

The course did what it said on the tin. The content was delivered in concise, interesting lessons and the assignments were interesting to do and aided learning. I learned how to develop my own web voice. The tutorial support was outstanding.

I have always had an interest in blogging and decided to take it further. I don’t think the course could have been improved upon. The lessons were sent quickly when requested and in many cases coursework was marked in one day.

A distance learning course student
Helen Cripps

This course has more than met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent, and the course content was good. I would definitely recommend as I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt as though I was achieving something.

Jayne Whytock: CMP travel journalism course graduate
Jayne Whytock

Within a few weeks of enrolling on this blogging course, I had my first article accepted, and soon after that, I was paid for my work. The support I received enabled me to earn money, and gave me back my confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend this course!

A distance learning course student
Natalie Artemas-Polak

The course very much met my expectations. The tutorial support was super. The support was very straightforward and honest. There was a good deal of constructive criticism, but always with positive reinforcement.

Entertainment journalism course student Natasha Ferguson
Natasha Ferguson

This course definitely changed my life! Starting my own blog was a high moment in my career so far. It was selected by RCA to promote Beyoncé's new album! I exclusively released tracks and quotes from Beyoncé until her new album "4" was released.

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