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A distance learning course student
Eugene Struthers

The course content and structure is perfect as it gives you loads of practical advice and teaches you how to approach web editing in the work environment.

A distance learning course student
Anne Robertson

I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it. I really appreciated the detailed feedback from my tutor, Ian, which I thought was spot on.

The course reinforced some aspects of editing that I already knew and introduced other aspects to me in an accessible way.

Jamie Montigue

The course met all of my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to learn from scratch or improve their skills in this area.

My tutor’s detailed feedback was invaluable to me. The course covered many different aspects of webediting. The material is well written and the assignments are challenging but relevant.

A good variety of content which provides the foundations for a solid understanding of the course overall. I feel that my writing / editing skills have been enhanced. I have a better understanding of website interaction and accessibility issues.

Nick Soldinger

As an experienced print journalist, I was keen to enhance my understanding of editing for the web. This course teaches first-rate writing skills first, and then demonstrates how you can then use those to help edit a first-rate website.

I have learned a lot about the different aspects required to edit websites. The course has given me a lot of confidence in my webediting ability.

A distance learning course student
Giles Broadbent

CMP trained a number of journalists at the Kent and Sussex Courier in webediting skills over a three year period. The training was practical and relevant ... really high quality courses that benefited everyone who attended, and our operation overall.

Terry Mitchinson

I am editor of the Welwyn and Hatfield Times, and CMP provided webediting training to several of my journalists. The training was thorough and up-to-date and the attendees really enjoyed it. They left with all the skills they needed to works as web-editors.

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I found that CMP constantly offered structured advice and guidance throughout the duration of the course ...

A distance learning course student
Jenifer Eden

The tutorial support was very good, I received great feedback for any questions I had. The course content was very good as well. I learned how to analyse websites with a more professional eye. I have already recommended it to multiple friends.

A distance learning course student
Alistair McLauchlan

My course was specialised with better blogging and webediting / writing combined. After discussion with my tutor, the course was tailor-made and exactly what I needed. The course was perfect for me. I have recommended CMP to friends.

Webediting course student Martin Wickens
Martin Wickens

The course provides thorough practical information on all the main topics and is enhanced by pertinent tutorial tips and advice that only an expert on the reality of it could give. I can’t see how there can be a better online course in the UK.

A distance learning course student
Paul Chisholm

An excellent experience, delivered by a consummate professional team. CMP offered structured advice and guidance throughout the course. I worked at my own pace, was guided by CMP, and managed to get advice at the drop of a hat.

Webediting course student Alex Hopkins
Alex Hopkins

This course provides a thorough introduction to webediting. It effectively demystifies an area which I had always been wary of and did not know how to approach. I can't recommend this course highly enough. The tutorial support was superb.

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