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This course covers every aspect of SEO content writing. Each lesson includes a practical assignment which is based on the real world of SEO content writing. All assignments are personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll be receiving expert feedback at each stage of the course.

Lesson 01: The basics 

  • Clarify what SEO content is.
  • Identify what SEO content is intended to achieve.
  • Understand the importance of well-written content.
  • Pinpoint the different types of content and their purpose.

Lesson 02: Key SEO principles

  • Describe what SEO is and explain how search engines work.
  • Discuss the importance of keywords in SEO.
  • Explain how to use links in content.

Lesson 03: Webwriting techniques

  • Explain the importance of understanding your audience and purpose.
  • Understand and implement webwriting techniques.
  • Write SEO web content with keywords and hyperlinks.
  • Create compelling SEO headings.

Lesson 04: Using videos and images

  • Understand how images and video can boost your SEO content writing activity.
  • Use a smartphone to shoot, edit and record a short video.
  • Create basic graphics using online tools.

Lesson 05: Writing web content

  • List the different types of web content.
  • Write website informational content.
  • Write online articles.
  • Discuss the basics of writing magazine and news content.

Lesson 06: The role of social media

  • Understand the basics of social media.
  • Explain how social media is useful for businesses.
  • Discuss social media as a way of interacting and engaging.
  • Describe the main social media platforms.

Lesson 07: Writing for social media

After studying this Lesson, you will be able to write optimised posts for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

Lesson 08: Writing content for blogs

  • Explain what a blog is.
  • Define the basic rules for writing SEO content for blogs.
  • Discuss how to get your blog noticed.

Lesson 09: Making money

  • List strategies for promoting your web presence.
  • Select ways to start finding SEO content writing work.
  • Explain how to negotiate fees and tie up details of writing jobs.

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