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This course covers every aspect of proofreading and copy editing. Each lesson includes a practical assignment which is based on the real world of proofreading. All assignments are personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll be receiving expert feedback at each stage of the course.

Lesson 01: The basics

  • What the proofreader does.
  • The proofreader’s personal qualities.
  • Proofreading terminology.
  • The publishing process.

Lesson 02: Applying style

  • What a style guide is used for.
  • How to use a style guide.
  • Apply style to a range of copy.

Lesson 03: Spelling and grammar

  • Where to find reliable spelling and grammar facilities.
  • Spotting and correcting spelling and grammar errors.

Lesson 04: Proofreading on paper

  • Proofreading on paper symbols.
  • Proofreading methods and techniques.
  • Marking up copy clearly and accurately.

Lesson 05: Proofreading onscreen

  • Onscreen proofreading symbols.
  • Methods and techniques for onscreen proofreading.
  • Marking up copy clearly and accurately.

Lesson 06: Copy-editing basics

  • What a copy editor does.
  • Levels of editing.
  • The client’s brief.
  • Editing with the reader in mind.

Lesson 07: Copy editing – use of language

  • Learn summarising techniques.
  • Edit for fluent, plain and simple copy.
  • Edit to remove inappropriate material.
  • Edit copy for multicultural audiences.

Lesson 08: Checking accuracy and facts

  • Analyse words and phrases for accurate meaning.
  • Identify and correct factual errors.

Lesson 09: An introduction to academic editing

  • Edit front and back matter such as footnotes, title pages, contents pages, appendices, references and indexes.

Lesson 10: Legal checks

  • Explain the basics of key publishing laws: copyright, defamation, data protection, privacy and contempt of court.
  • Apply publishing laws to a range of exercises.

Lesson 11: Finding work

  • How to find proofreading and editing work.
  • How to build your own business.

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