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A distance learning course student
Kofi Anokye Damte

The course was very demanding and challenging. It was detailed and insightful.

I want to say a big thank you to my tutor, Dave Griffiths, for his strict but great guidance through my course. I have learnt a lot from him.

I have really enjoyed completing the course and look forward to applying what I’ve learnt to my future journalism career.

The tutorial support was excellent and the feedback really helped me improve my overall confidence.

Amy Tuscher: Sports Journalism course

The course went above and beyond my expectations, the tutors are so helpful and very quick to respond. The lessons on the course were all very interesting and broken down into easily understandable sections.

The tutors were all exceptional, friendly and so knowledgeable but able to put across any information to allow me to understand what was needed if I had a question.

Carolina Benjumea: Fashion journalism course

This freelance journalism course gave me a very complete knowledge on how to treat news properly, giving them the right and fair treatment.

The tutorial support was really good.

Robert Tansey: Freelance journalism course

I would recommend the CMP journalism courses to anyone wishing to enter this field of work, but it’s not an easy ride, it needs patience, time dedication, and commitment. The courses run by CMP are definitely value for money. The tutorial support was second to none. The course content covered all the necessary basic areas a journalist needs to know or be aware of.

There was good depth, particularly towards the end of the course. Our tutor was clear with his feedback and offered valuable insight. A tough marker, he encouraged me to work harder to produce better work, which is a real compliment. The tutorial support was excellent. Quick to respond, clear and in-depth feedback.

I can highly recommend learning with the College of Media and Publishing. The course material is very detailed and the assignments are challenging, but help you to learn a lot. The tutor is very helpful and provides useful feedback for all your work.

Alexander Peperell

The course exceeded my expectations. It provides essential information in a way that is enjoyable to learn. The tutorial support was excellent. My tutor was very prompt in marking my assignments. The feedback was extremely useful.

The tutorial support was great. Whenever I had an issue, I always had a prompt response. The guidance I received was very good. I was never afraid to ask for help. The content was exactly what I was looking for.

The course fulfilled all the aspects I hoped it would. The tutorial support was superb as always. CMP is a quick and friendly provider to respond to anything you ask.

The course was simple and straightforward, it is made in such a way that one could understand without difficulty. I have been getting more endorsements and job offers even before I finished the course, which is exactly what I was looking for.

The course went a lot deeper in to the nature and workings of media law than I thought it would. The tutorial support was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I learned all I need to know about any potential legal difficulties when writing and publishing my work.

The tutorial support was fantastic, my tutor was always available via email and offered instant help throughout the duration of the course. The content was great, I learned 15 key subjects within my course which all helped me develop my skill set.

The course content was of a very high standard. I learned how to write about food in a professional and correct way and to have the confidence to ask for work. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

I enrolled on the course to become a journalist! And the course met my expectations. The quality of the tutorial support was good and the quality of the content was very high quality.

I can only speak in the highest terms about CMP, I now work for Sunderland AFC. The skills learned on the journalism course were crucial. The course is a fine addition to anyone's CV and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Within three months of beginning the course I secured a job as a journalist for a local newspaper. The course met my expectations in every way. This is my second distance learning course - an Open University course, did not live up to my expectations.

The course gave me an excellent grounding in the basics of working as a journalist. The tutorial support was excellent. CMP really sets itself apart from the competition.

Cleland Thom, you are the best principal in the whole wide world. Thank you for the scholarship and a second chance in life ...

I thought every aspect of the course was thorough and immensely enjoyable. My tutor gave me the confidence to know that I can succeed in this very competitive industry. The tutorial support was excellent! Superb! Brilliant! Need I say more?

The course was incredibly informative, I learned a lot of new things. I found it a pleasure to do and really enjoyed it, with the help of my tutor and the team it was easy to navigate through it to the end!

I wanted to gain knowledge and expertise in journalism, and it met my expectations. The tutorial support was magnificent and the content covered all major aspects. I learned about the mechanisms for writing a good article and much, much more.

All of my journalism skills have improved greatly. My writing is much sharper and I can really feel the benefit. Anyone thinking about sports journalism should consider the course. It's excellent value for money.

This course gave me a great awareness of media law, feature writing for multimedia and interviewing. CMP provided an excellent quality of service. The communication was perfect, too. CMP has taught me all of the practical skills in journalism.

Alistair McLauchlan: CMP webediting course graduate
Alistair McLauchlan

I signed up for the freelance journalism course after noticing CMP on the internet. Personally, I think this course is perfect. Why pay more, when all the knowledge you need is with CMP? I plan to study further with CMP.

CMP's course really paid dividends for me, and I now broadcast a weekly sports programme on Wythenshawe 97.2 FM on Tuesday mornings from 11am to 12 noon. CMP still give me advice and support if I need it. They changed my life.

Communication was first class and very quick - sometimes within the hour. The tutorial support was second to none. The course content was spot on - it could not have been improved.

I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to enter the dynamic world of journalism. The content exceeded my expectations and helped nurture my writing more than I could have imagined. My tutor was so helpful.

I would definitely recommend this course. It was 100% worth the money. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was fabulous and very supportive. The course content was relevant, and very informative.

I had previous experience with distance learning, but CMP is simply the best of all. I have learned a lot from this course, and have started to implement it in my career which is now flourishing, with positive comments from my seniors.

This course has been really helpful and enlightening. It also helped me land the dream job I was always looking for: covering football for a TV station. I only had to receive the first lesson to realise that I was dealing with real professionals.

I enrolled on this course to gain knowledge and experience of the journalist’s job. The course content was really good and it covered everything I could think of. I cannot think of anything that would improve the course.

I did the freelance journalism course, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in writing about sports. The teaching material is clear and concise, and support is swift and helpful.

A distance learning course student
Memory Musa Prickisie Gerdzen

I wanted to update my CV and improve my skills in the journalism industry.

The course really met my expectations. The communication was fast - I love online schooling. I really appreciated the way you taught me: thank you for that. I’ve already recommended the course to all of my friends here in the Solomon Islands - thank you.

A distance learning course student
Online Degrees & Courses review

CMP teach the full monty on how to become a properly qualified journalist. The depth of every course is brilliant ...

I wanted to study journalism to enhance my skills. The course content was comprehensive and enlightening. The quality of the tutorial support was very good and the feedback was quick.

I wanted to do a master’s degree in journalism and I thought this would be a good starter. The course was above my expectations. I did not think I would be learning so much, and the tutorial support was always spot on and quick.

I did the course over 18 months while holding down a full-time job abroad, first in Portugal, and then in Poland. Enrolling on the course was easily one of the best decisions of my life.

A distance learning course student
Teiba Riongary Mamu

Did the course meet my expectations? Absolutely yes! The content was professional and enabled me, as a journalism student, to fully understand the concepts of journalism, as well as give me confidence to work as a journalist.

The course content was very interesting. The scenarios for each task were practical, and they were also challenging enough to make you think outside the box. Very enjoyable.

Learning with CMP has been a most positive experience. I have now made great progress not only in the pursuit and skills of journalism, but I now have an extensive portfolio of published articles, in the national and European media.

My tutor was very helpful and constructive with his feedback. He marked and returned my assignments very quickly. If I had any queries he got back to me in good time offering helpful and friendly advice. This vastly improved the learning experience.

This course can only be described as excellent. It has enabled me to produce high-quality online content for national media organisations. I fully recommend CMP's courses to anyone wanting to get involved in this field.

I volunteer at my local community radio station where I host a weekly show, and the course has assisted in my confidence in putting together my own packages for the station.

Tutors are much more pleasant and experienced than editors. I would strongly recommend this freelance journalism to those who want to build their careers in journalism. The diploma has added immense values to my job resume and professional skills.

I did the freelance journalism course with CMP and it has been such a great experience. The best thing about this course is you can cover a wide range of journalism subjects.

The tutorial support was good - all of my queries were solved within 24-48 hours.

A distance learning course student
Suzanne O’Keeffe

I wished to work as a freelance journalist. The tutorial support was excellent and supportive, and the course content was concise, to the point and relevant.

I enrolled on this Freelance journalism course because I was really happy after doing another course with CMP and because I love the celebrity world. A few weeks after finishing the course, I had an article published in Italy's leading film magazine.

This freelance journalism course surprised me in many ways. As I progressed through the course, it further developed my expectations. There was good support. I much appreciated the expert critical eye of my tutor.

I enrolled on this course because I was really happy after doing another CMP journalism course and because I love the celebrity world. A few weeks after finishing the course, I had an article published in Italy's leading film magazine.

I have just reached the end of my journalism course and I have since gone on to receive blog award nominations. Anyone who is looking to develop a hobby or find a new direction should consider taking a course with CMP.

The tutorial support was just exceptional and the content was very informative, profound and full of insights. This freelance journalism course definitely met my expectations. I will be recommending the course to my many friends who have the same ambition to excel.

If you need a cost-effective way of starting a career in journalism, I have no hesitation in recommending CMP. I still find it remarkable that for the sake of a few hundred pounds, I managed to get the training needed to get this far.

I now work for Barcelona Connect Magazine and I am European fashion editor for Men Style Fashion.

Pretty much all of this was from my diploma though CMP, and my hard work and determination. The course gave me an excellent grounding for me to build upon.

I didn’t expect to complete this course but I managed to do so. The tutoring was of a very high level, you were kind and supportive.

I would not hesitate to recommend CMP's courses to anyone prepared to put in the hard graft required to become a journalist. I chose CMP's course as the most convenient. I have never regretted that decision.

The course was exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to follow and I had constructive feedback on every lesson within two days max. The tutorial support was fantastic and friendly, and communication was excellent, with great feedback and quick responses.

I was working for a journalism website, but needed to gain the necessary certifications. I came to CMP and learned a lot from this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is working in online media.

This journalism course met my expectations and helped me fulfil my dream of becoming a journalist on my country's national paper, the Solomon Star. The speed of tutor response when answering questions and marking assignments was awesome.

I enrolled on this course to gain more knowledge in journalism and it met my expectations. I learned how to be a successful journalist and will definitely be recommending the course to my friends. The tutorial support was excellent, as always.

I needed to do a course through distance learning and CMP offered the perfect course at an affordable price. The course was great. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

The course proved to be an excellent investment. I was very satisfied with the way things went. Cleland was a most attentive tutor and I now have a tremendous file of reference material. I thought the cost was very reasonable.

The content was really good and covered everything I needed to start. The administration was professional, to the point that all correspondence with you was casual and punctual. A nice touch. Communication was prompt and precise.


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