Why terminology features on copywriting course


Online copywriting coursesEvery industry has its own ‘language’ – those in-house terms that people use to describe different items and processes. Copywriting is no exception, and our copywriting course students are sometimes surprised there are so many.

Our online copywriting course provides several online glossaries that list all the different terms, and we have an exercise so learners can see how well they understand them.

Some terms appear to be out of date with current technology/practices. We include them as some copywriting clients are older and still use them! A well-prepared copywriter should have a passing knowledge of old terms and a strong knowledge of the newer ones.

The problem is that copywriting is far more general than it used to be. This means that some copywriters use terminology all the time, while others never use it at all. Most are in between.

We don’t suggest that our copywriting course learners learn them all – there are 104 pages of them.

We recommend that they compile their own list of the terms that they come across most often and add to it as they go.

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