Using hashtags on Instagram


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Using Instagram hashtags incorrectly

In 2018, Instagram finally allowed hashtags in a profile’s bio description to be clickable from mobile devices.

The mistake a lot of people made was to type half a dozen hashtags in to their Instagram bio in the same way they would in a Twitter bio.

However, this isn’t a good idea, and here are the reasons why:

  1. The hashtags in your Instagram bio don’t have any impact on Instagram search results. Which means that if someone searches for a keyword on Instagram, your bio (and any hashtags you’ve added there) won’t show up in search results. The only fields that Instagram search scans are the Name and Username fields.
  2. If you use popular Instagram hashtags or hashtags that lead to other people’s content, you’re sending visitors away from your own content. For example, if you’re a photographer and use #Photography in your bio, when people click on that hashtag, they’re leaving your profile to go to a gallery of millions of other posts unrelated to you.
  3. A list of hashtags in an Instagram bio looks amateurish and will often discourage new followers.

Avoid these issues by not including hashtags in your Instagram bio.

There is an exception though and this would be to use a single branded hashtag that leads to content related to your brand or business.

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