Gaining work experience after completing your copywriting course is a frustrating ordeal. In order to compete for the jobs you need work experience, but how do you get experience when you are new to the profession?

It can seem like you are forever chasing your tail as every job application wants to see evidence of your writing in the form of a portfolio. This leaves many people asking: “how do I get any experience when prospective employers want experienced writers?”

There are a number of ways to get your foot on the ladder by building a portfolio of work from scratch.
One of the most obvious ways is to start your own blog. This is a good chance to show your capability while practicing writing for a living.

There are also opportunities to guest blog. Guest blogging websites are always looking for new bloggers who can write interesting SEO articles.

Many copywriters also start by volunteering their services to friends and small local businesses.

Cold call local companies and offer to rewrite their websites to give them maximum impact. Remember, you’re the expert in this field and they will value your knowledge.

In order to make the most of your networking opportunities, it’s important to venture outside of your comfort zone. It might feel safer to network on forums and social media but you have to meet people face-to-face to give yourself an advantage.

Make up some business cards and attend one of the many conferences and networking meet ups in your city. Try to talk to as many people as you can and introduce yourself as a copywriter.

This could be a great opportunity to meet photographers, web developers or small business owners who would be able to refer work to you and even recommend you to colleagues.

Some copywriting courses may also give you the opportunity for paid work experience. This is always worth taking up and is usually a great chance to get your work published, as course providers are happy to boast about the success of their students.

You won’t be paid a lot of money in the beginning and sometimes might have to work for free. However, it is worth remembering that this will give you the experience you need to charge more money in the future and the experience will ensure you will never be short of work.

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