Social media marketing and content writing


Our social media marketing course explains the importance of well written content.

A lot of social media content is badly written, with writers often using poor spelling, punctuation and grammar, and sometimes unnecessary or even offensive words or jargon that few people understand.

Some people say that this is OK, “because it’s social media”

This may be acceptable if you are messaging a friend to arrange a drink. But, if you are publishing social media content on behalf of a business or an organisation, errors will affect your reputation.

What also often happens is that the wrong sort of language is used: for example, using sophisticated academic English when writing for teenagers interested in hip-hop, or trying to reach over 60s using “text speak”, or language that teenagers may understand better.

It’s essential to keep the reader reading. Therefore, in the first instance, you need to know who your target audience is so that you can use the right sort of language. Then, no matter who you are writing for, you need to make sure they understand you completely.

If you don’t write with your reader in mind, your social media content will never do its job properly. You must identify your intended reader(s) before you start since this will influence the content and the writing style.

Writing content without knowing who it is for is a bit like Peugeot building a new car and then trying to work out who to sell it to.

The market research always comes first, no matter what you are writing.

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