Our PR course explains how to engage with celebrities


A student on our PR course asked: ‘How does a PR engage with celebrities to promote a fashion product?’

It’s easy if you have tens of thousands of spare to pay for an endorsement. But most PR firms don’t have budgets for that kind of spending.

Fortunately, social media means you can win their support for nothing. But it takes times and effort – something that our online PR course stresses throughout.

Let’s use fashion as an example. You need to research the celebrities that the fashion brand would like to engage with, and especially the ones that perhaps already wear the brand’s clothes.

Then, you’d need to leverage the power of social media to get them interested in the brand launch. This could be as simple as, for instance, including their Twitter usernames in any proactive posts you issue which should encourage them to retweet.

It helps if you have a news hook, like a product launch or an event.

Once you’ve opened dialogue with them, you could send an invite, perhaps ask them to record a short testimonial or get them to post pictures of them wearing the brand’s clothes.

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