If you’re debating whether to take an online course, you might have asked yourself: is writing something that can be taught?

After all, everyone has different aptitudes and abilities. However, if writing is something that interests you, then you’ve already got the foundation in place.

Maybe the last time you wrote anything was when you had to turn in an essay at school? Maybe you hated school and were put off learning for life?

Maybe you’ve spent years in a non-creative line of work and feel like a change? Experiences like this are enough to put anyone off doing an online course

Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to realise that half the battle of writing is having the desire and discipline to regularly write lot of words! That’s the part that can’t be taught.

If you already possess this type of dedication then a good tutor will be able to work with you to shape and direct this underlying passion.

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, but one thing successful people have in common is a willingness to devote time and energy into self-improvement.

If you’re still unsure whether you have what it takes, try these quick tips:

  • Get in the habit of writing every day and really make it part of your life. We stress this repeatedly on our online courses
  • List all the types of writing that appeal to you and spend time exploring each one
  • Seek constructive feedback and advice on your work

Of course, the advantage of a good online course is that it ticks all these boxes!

You get to explore different writing styles in an nonthreatening and non-judgemental environment with regular assignments and the advantage of professional feedback.

This way you can develop your skills at your own pace and maybe even begin to consider whether you want to make writing an exciting new full or part-time career.

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