Our proofreading course attracts a lot of interest, and has been one of our most popular courses for several years now.

One reason is our tutors go out of their way to help their students.

These are some of the more frequent questions about the proofreading and editing course:

How long does it last?

There are approximately 60-80 hours of study. You work at your own pace, so it’s up to you how long the course takes. Most students complete it in around three months, but you can work quicker or slower than that.

Is there an examination at the end of the course?

There are no exams. The diploma is determined by your coursework grades.

Is there a particular time frame for completing the course?

No, you work at your own pace, and study when you like.

Will the course be helpful to get in to academic editing that involves research papers, theses, and so on?

Yes, definitely. One of our recent graduates has started up a very successful business in this sphere.

Is there a particular time for enrolment?

No, you can enrol, and start, when you like.

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