Learners studying one of our online courses often get valuable practice, by writing articles for search engine optimisation (SEO). We recommend it on our copywriting course, as it is a good way of developing writing skills and getting articles published.

The aim is to write about helpful topics, and then blend the search words naturally into the heading and the first couple of sentences.

If you are trying to sell something, then it is best to let the product sell itself with careful use of the facts. This is a better approach than trying the ‘hard sell’, because web visitors tend to be sceptical about hype. Also, make sure you package the information well, with short sentences, paragraphs and good use of bullet points.

Testimonials work well with promotional copy. A brief personal story usually gets the message across powerfully, especially if it is clearly genuine and backed up with a photo and social media details. Depending on the page design, you could present it as a small panel.

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