How to protect your content from copyright cowboys


We tell our proofreading course students to make sure they protect the copyright of material they post on their blogs and websites.

The internet is a lawless place. People will steal your content, and won’t give you a credit.

Our online proofreading course materials stress that under the Copyright Act 1988, copyright of written material usually belongs to the writer, unless they are writing for their employer. Copyright applies automatically. You don’t have to ‘register’ it anywhere.

It’s best to post a copyright notice on your website or blog, to remind people of your rights and their responsibilities.
Some students are happy for other people to use their content, provided they provide a credit.

But it is wise to state that your content can only be re-used for non-commercial purposes. Otherwise people may help themselves to your content and sell it.

We advise our proofreading course students to display a strict copyright notice, and then invite people to email them if they want to use anything. Then they can dictate the terms and conditions, on a case-by-case basis.

Operating this way also protects them if they need to challenge misuse. If you operate a ‘help yourself’ policy, you will find it harder to challenge people who rip you off.

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