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Payment options

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You can pay using any of these options:

  1. Credit / debit card online. 

  2. Instalments: credit / debit card by phone. 

  3. Western Union

  4. Invoice to your employer

  5. Gift voucher

  6. Other

  7. Scholarships

Credit / debit card onlineCard payment logos

You can pay in full or by instalments by Visa / Mastercard using our secure online terminal. We accept payments from most countries.

If you prefer to pay by card over the phone, we can take payment during UK office hours.

Please call: +44 (0)1243 930353 If we are closed, leave a message and we will call you back.

Monthly instalmentsInterest-free monthly instalments

We try to agree to any reasonable monthly instalment plan and we do not charge extra for it.

Select this option on the course enrolment form: Instalments: credit / debit card online. 

Please remember:

  1. You cannot study faster than you pay. For example: if you do a course with 20 modules and want to pay over four months, you can only study five modules a month.
  2. We do not allow discounts when you pay by instalments.
  3. Your tuition will be stopped if you do not keep your instalments up to date.

Please email us if you have any questions about paying monthly.

Western UnionWestern Union logo

You can send us a payment if you live outside the UK.

Find your local branch here and complete a money order form.

Make the payment to Cleland Thom.

Keep your copy of the form and please email us:

1. Your first name and family name.

2. The Money Transfer Control number.

3. The country, city, state / province you sent the money from.

4. The amount you sent.

Western Union will not release the money unless the information you provide us matches what you wrote on the form.

Invoice to employerInvoice to your employer

If your employer is paying for your course, please select 'Invoice to employer' on the dropdown menu on the course enrolment page.

We will contact you once your form has arrived. You will be able to start the course once we have received the payment.

Gift voucherGift voucher

You can give a course to someone as a gift.

We can provide a CMP gift voucher for the whole course price, or part of it.

Please email us


We consider scholarships for people who need them, for one course per person.

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We sometimes offer discounts on our courses, by issuing a code that can be entered in the Discount code box on the course enrolment page.

You can only use one code to pay for one course. Discounts cannot be aggregated.

Discounts codes do not apply to our career mentor course.


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