Copywriting courseGetting freelance work after you have completed your copywriting course is one thing. But tying up the payment details can be complicated.

Each business and organisation is very different. But it’s best to provide a quotation that states what you will provide, and how much you will charge. This sets it out clearly for everyone, so there can be no mistake.

Some successful online copywriting course learners find that clients ask them advice, which wasn’t included in the original agreement.

It’s reasonable to advise about the job, but some clients take liberties and treat you as an unpaid consultant! Or they may require several unexpected revisions.

It’s best to type up advice as a brief and then send it over to the client. Make sure you add these hours to your invoice: tot up how much time you’ve spent doing the things they require and then charge them for it.

When you’re running a business you have to make sure you’re paid properly. Be clear at the beginning what you’re doing and what you’re charging. No-one can then quibble.

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