Our social media marketing course explains how to use LinkedIn to market a business, and how to create interesting and engaging content.

LinkedIn has been designed specifically for business networking: looking for a job, discovering sales leads, and finding prospective business partners. Some experts describe it as “Facebook for grown-ups”.

In June 2016, the website was bought by Microsoft for $26bn.

Users are encouraged to connect to friends and associates they already know, and to link up with others who are in the same business line.

LinkedIn also encourages users to create and join groups, yet this is quite different from Facebook groups. 

LinkedIn groups are strictly for business and only professional and business-oriented groups and organisations are allowed to participate.

Users can also share, comment on, and like LinkedIn posts.

Key facts about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn has 500 million members worldwide.
  • The US has 128 million registered users.
  • Europe has 104 million registered users.
  • Most job recruiters advertise and search for candidates on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has the highest rate in successfully placing a job candidate.

Using LinkedIn to market a business

Because LinkedIn is strictly for business users, it is an ideal platform for business networking and building relationships with influencers.

As with Facebook, you start with a personal Profile in your own name, but, in contrast with Facebook, this is about you as an employer, employee or self-employed person. Your hobbies and friends are not part of this, unless they are part of your business. 

Also in the same way as Facebook, you can have a linked Company Page, where you can post information and business updates.

How to create a LinkedIn Profile

Start off by creating your own personal business Profile. You will need to:

  • Upload a quality professional portrait photo of yourself. Look directly at the camera. Don’t include your pet.
  • List your current work position with your job title, company name, and the time period.
  • Write in a list of your skills and keep this updated.
  • Add your location.
  • Summarise your work experience and goals.

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