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We recommend this simple and fool proof formula that has helped many copywriters write persuasive and attention grabbing copy. We cover it on our online copywriting course

The AIDA formula stands for Attention; Interest; Desire and Action. Using this formula will help you structure your copy and guide your reader to take action.

Your copy should start by grabbing the reader’s attention. This is important because if you don’t grab your reader, they won’t continue reading.

Open with a strong statement or question that speaks directly to your desired audience. This could also be informative by giving some facts and statistics that might shock.

The desired effect is to get them to believe you are speaking directly to them.

The next stage is to keep their interest. Now that you have identified a problem that your reader wants an answer to, you have to keep them reading by giving some interesting facts about your product.

This can take the form of a list of problems that the audience wants solutions to. Each point on the list should have the reader agreeing with you. This shows that you understand your reader’s issues and creates a bond between you and the audience.

Creating desire is the part of the copy where you start to reveal what your product can do to help the audience.

So far you have created a picture of a problem or issue and created a need.  Now you have to give the audience a solution.

Desire can be expressed by showing how your product can change their lives for the better. Examples could be to earn more money or to have more free time. Whatever it is, now is the time to paint a picture of how much better their lives will be.

The final part of the formula is action. This is an important part of the copy because you have to lead the reader to do what you want them to do. In most cases this will be to buy a product and you have to inform them of what steps to take otherwise you lose your sale.

This formula is a fool proof way to ensure that your copy works. In addition, there are many psychological triggers that can further strengthen your copy and investing in our copywriting course will sharpen your copywriting skills.

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