CMP online webediting course enhance career prospects for individuals and organisations.If you are thinking of doing an online copywriting course to develop your writing style, think again.

One of the first things were teach our copywriting course learners is ‘Your own writing style is irrelevant.’

The best copywriters don’t write for themselves. They write for their intended readers.

So, they must consider who they are likely to be. Which gender? Are they old, young or a mixture? Educated?

Once you have worked that out, you should imagine you are writing to someone you already know who fits the target audience: your mum, a friend, whoever.

Write to them, personally.

And also think about how you would sell the product to someone if you met them face-to-face.

The best copy often has a kind of chatty “you-and-me-talking” quality to it.

In general, the best copy is:

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Interesting
  • Relevant
  • Active
  • Honest
  • Accurate

But the skill is to incorporate these qualities into the language that the target reader uses.

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