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This vocational proofreading course covers every aspect of proofreading and copy editing. It is one of the most comprehensive and up to date courses on the market, covering current topics that are vital to a proofreader and copy editor’s role.

Each lesson includes a practical assignment which will be based on real world proofreading and copy editing scenarios.

All assignments are personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll be receiving expert feedback at each stage of your course. Your tutor will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Lesson 01: The basics

  • What the proofreader does.
  • The proofreader’s personal qualities.
  • Proofreading terminology.
  • The publishing process.
  • Document control New topic
    • Processes and techniques for keeping track of documents when several people / versions / locations are involved.

Lesson 02: Applying style

  • What a style guide is used for.
  • How to use a style guide.
  • Applying different styles to printed and online documents. New topic
  • Coordinating editorial style with brand and visual style rules. New topic

Lesson 03: Spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Where to find reliable spelling and grammar facilities.
  • Explain the need for accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation when proofreading and editing.
  • Apply spelling, grammar and punctuation rules to a range of exercises.
  • Spotting and correcting spelling and grammar errors.

Lesson 04: Proofreading onscreen

  • Proofreading and editing using Adobe Reader annotations and sticky notes. New topic
  • Proofreading and editing using Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Google Docs, LibreOffice Writer, Apache, OpenOffice Writer, Zoho Writer or WPS Office Writer. New topic
  • Working with others using MS Teams. New topic
  • How to proofread webpages. New topic
  • How to proofread text in a Content Management System. New topic
  • How to proofread metadata. New topic
  • How to proofread alt text. New topic
  • How to proofread transcribed text using New topic
  • How to proofread text that has been translated from another language. New topic

Lesson 05: Copy-editing basics

  • What a copy editor does.
  • Levels of editing.
  • The client’s brief.
  • Editing with the reader in mind.
  • Editing different tones and registers. New topic
  • Globalisation copy editing New topic
  • Proofreading and editing these: New topics
    • Title pages.
    • Contents pages.
    • Lists of illustrations.
    • XML tags.

Lesson 06: Copy-editing use of language

  • Learn summarising techniques.
  • Editing techniques that make text fluent, plain and simple to read.
  • Identifying and replacing clichés and inappropriate material.
  • Editing copy for multicultural and global audiences.
  • Copy editing in a ‘woke’ world. New topic

Lesson 07: Checking accuracy and facts

  • Analyse words and phrases for accurate meaning.
  • Identify and correct factual errors.
  • Reliable fact checking in a fake news world. New topic
  • Dealing with misleading promotional copy. New topic

Lesson 08: Legal checks

After studying this Lesson, you will be able to discuss how the following laws affect copy editors and apply them to a range of real world situations:

  • Copyright law.
  • Trademark law.
  • Defamation law.
  • Data protection law.

Lesson 09: Proofreading on paper

  • Proofreading on paper BSI symbols.
  • Proofreading methods and techniques.
  • Compiling and presenting a query list.
  • Marking up copy clearly and accurately.

Lesson 10 (Optional): Academic editing

This Lesson concentrates on editing academic, medical and scientific editing, and fictional documents.

It is optional, so you may skip it and go on to Lesson 11, if you wish.

Lesson 11: Finding work and developing your career

  • How to boost your speed and efficiency.
  • How to negotiate fees and tie up the details of proofreading and copy editing jobs.
  • How to find proofreading and editing work.
  • How to build your own freelance business.

Once you have completed this course you will have learned the practical skills to proofread and edit the following:

  • Posters and adverts.
  • Leaflets, competitions, mailshots and brochures.
  • Advertising features.
  • Scripts or jingles for TV and radio.
  • Business material: reports, letters, corporate communications.
  • Marketing and sales proposals.
  • Press releases.
  • Legal and medical publications
  • Content for the web.
  • Research papers, dissertations and other academic material.
  • Official reports and white papers.
  • Sales and promotional literature.
  • Marketing and promotional copy for direct mail and emails.
  • Materials for brand advocacy.
  • Books.
  • Fictional content.
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