Yello Media Group (formerly booked three members of its content writing team on to our proofreading and editing course.

The three staff members have now completed their training and have left us some great feedback.

Chantel Da Costa, who is Yello Media Group’s content and features writer told us: “I am directly responsible for nine of the company’s 20 markets. I don’t know how to improve this class. It was a great learning experience. I graduated university almost a decade ago and this course was my first real professional development class since school and I am impressed.”

Her colleague, Lisa Beauchamp, had this to say: “The lessons were interesting and informative. The assignments were challenging and rewarding. The tutorial support was excellent. My tutor always replied in a timely manner and was extremely helpful and encouraging.

I learned where I am currently going wrong and I can improve my approach and communicate more effectively.”

If you are interested in booking our highly effective proofreading course for yourself or members of your team, please contact us today. We’ll be really pleased to hear from you.

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