CMP copywriting course student, Oana Petrache, is aiming to switch careers from aerospace engineering to writing.

Oana is also studying on our web writing course so that she can switch from working Airbus Helicopters in Germany and fulfil her childhood dream of being a writer.

She said: ‘I have always had a thing with words. I wrote my first poem when I was nine. I have always felt comfortable writing, words came easy. I didn’t publish anything, my parents didn’t encourage me in this area. “You can’t make a living out of writing, you know,” they said. And I listened.

Oana added: ‘Following my parents’ strong recommendations and due to my lack of confidence, but strong perseverance and studious nature, I became an aerospace engineer. Yes, the kind that builds airplanes.

‘I got my diploma after five years, and started a PhD in high speed aerodynamics at TU Munich. That time is filled with sci-fi related topics – you won’t believe how many interesting things I have seen or did. Stuff of the movies!’

Why Oana enrolled on CMP’s webwriting course

Oana went back to her home country of Romania, and moved to the UK to be with her partner. That’s when she enrolled on our online courses in copywriting and webwriting.

She added: ‘This coincided with my starting to write for a living, meaning copywriting. Websites, social media and stuff.

‘I took the CMP copywriting course because it came highly recommended with Google. The copywriting jobs I had done so far were in my native language, Romanian.

’Writing in English is easy for me, especially after having written a PhD thesis and numerous scientific articles in this language. The fact that writing them was more fun than the actual scientific work I had done, should have been my cue at the time, but again.. lack of confidence.’

Oana and her partner, Alin Buda, have founded a lifestyle blog called Life of Two

She said: ‘The way we see the world – with the beauty, the sadness, the love and the adventures we share – all make up for stories we share with the Internet. We believe that authenticity got lost in this noisy superficial world and are trying to recapture it in our blog.’

Oana is now finishing her two CMP courses and will apply for copywriting jobs in the UK. I believe this is the right job for me, but do not regret the 12 years I put into engineering. Simply because I needed the challenge and I learned immensely. Some of the things help me in copywriting even.

‘I am not really decided what kind of copywriting I want to be doing, I will have to do some research and see what doors will open. It will probably be a nice closure though, to work with the aerospace industry and make press releases or similar.’

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