It is very important that the FAQs section of a website is clear and concise. We always tell our proofreading course students that FAQs should:

  1. Be relevant: take time to find out what people really are asking, as opposed to what you think they are asking.
  2. Be up-to-date: if a website’s product or service is changing, then the FAQs may need to be changed, too.
  3. Be edited into themed groups: there is no point in providing a list of 100 questions, as visitors would have to spend ages trying to find the right one. Rather use subheadings to group them, like this:
  4. Be clearly signposted: a heading reading ‘FAQs’ may be meaningless to some visitors. So, spell it out so anyone can understand what they are. For example:
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Things we are often asked
    • Your questions answered

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