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Mayur Mistry

Enrolling on to the copywriting course at CMP has proven to be an invaluable experience. Not only to feel more confident in applying my newly acquired skills, but I have also gained regular freelance work.

I wanted to try to find copywriting work after being made redundant. I needed to get some practice and an accredited certificate, and benefit from CMP’s expertise and feedback. The course was detailed, with useful feedback.

A distance learning course student
Kurt Duvel Copywriting course

The course provided validation of my strengths and weaknesses from an accredited source, and secondly, prepared me to enter the world of copywriting as a paying profession by providing up-to-date industry-standard learning content and opportunities to practice/roleplay it.

The tutorial support was excellent and was a great example of online/distance learning.

Teodora Grigorie: CMP copywriting course graduate
Teodora Grigorie

This course really changed my opinion about online courses. It did more than meet my expectations, it was a real investment in my copywriting skills. I think the tutors are really professional, always there with relevant advice for you.

Louise Bennett

I was really happy with my tutor – she was thorough with each assignment. I needed her honest appraisal and suggestions. I felt totally supported throughout the course. The great news is that many of my assignments will become part of my portfolio.

A distance learning course student
Michael Chung

The course content was very informative and detailed that featured great instructions and assignment tasks.

My tutor was Lucy and she has been supportive and excellent throughout the course. The feedback received was very helpful which gave me a different perspective about how to use certain marketing and writing methods.

Monika Gottlid-Henderson

Justine Holman was a fantastic and inspiring tutor. I very much appreciated how prompt she was in reviewing my assignments.

Overall, I am very pleased with the course.

Hannah Hawthorne

Lucy was detailed, supportive and enthusiastic. I am so grateful for her support and guidance.

The course content was excellent. I learnt how to fine-tune my work, and focus on the audience's needs.

A distance learning course student
Chris Spencer

The course content covered a wide range of subjects with lessons on all principles of copywriting.

I enjoyed the course and the completion of my course has left me feeling more confident about my creative writing and ready to explore new avenues.

Alison Hughes

I chose CMP after researching many other online copywriting courses and I wasn’t disappointed. The course content, student support and communication were second to none.

A distance learning course student
Emmalene Fletcher

The course met my expectations and clearly delivered everything that was set out in the initial introduction.

I enjoyed the course. Life got in the way of me completing this course as swiftly as I would have liked but the beauty of distance learning is being able to pick right back up where you started.

Andre Lampen: CMP copywriting course graduate
Andre Lampen

I have aspirations of becoming either an editorial assistant or copywriter and thought this course would equip me with more skills and practical experience to enter these fields. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent.

The tutorial support was fantastic, and I thought the content was very good.

I learnt the basics for beginning a career in the industry as well as the confidence that I can thrive in the sector.

I wanted a career change but I needed confidence and mentorship. I got both from the Copywriting course offered by CMP.

Well worth the time and money. I personally got a lot from it and hope it's the beginnings of a successful career change.

Rob Wightman

The course gave me a good grounding in commercial writing. Since completing the course, I have taken on several clients for whom I provide website copy, press releases and advertising features.

A distance learning course student
Nadia Musumeci

My tutor was exceptional: prompt, accurate, and helpful. The course material was very detailed and full of relevant and up-to-date information.

I basically learnt my way into a completely new job.

A distance learning course student
Claire Broomhall

The course was thorough and covered many aspects of copywriting. I feel I have learnt more than I was expecting to, as the course has provided extra sources of information through links and examples.

The content is well put together and thorough. I like how the lessons are split into clear, specialised categories.

Keith Fergus

I would highly recommend CMP's copywriting course. The lessons are easy to follow but really test your skills. I have learned so much and feel confident in pursuing a new career. Justine was an excellent tutor and very professional.

A distance learning course student
Caitlin Dixon

The course exceeded my expectations.

Justine Holman was an excellent tutor who supplied constructive feedback with each assignment. I learnt about the different components involved in copywriting

A distance learning course student
Ermis Madikopoulos

The tutorial support was first class because Lucy's feedback was very clear when I had to redo an assignment.

I loved the course because it helped me understand what a copywriter does.

A distance learning course student
Brendan Gurrie

The course was easy to follow, understand and complete at my own time, as promised. A wide variety of learning covering a huge range of mediums and types of copywriting.

Justine was very prompt in her responses. Her feedback was useful and she was always friendly and polite.

A distance learning course student
Katherine Fridlington

The course was excellent, taking me through all aspects of copywriting and applications. Lucy was an amazing mentor. I really valued her support and her insights.

I felt she was willing me on all the way and encouraged me to always do my very best.

The learning materials are 100% top notch: well-structured, practical and logical.

The journey CMP take you through is equally exciting and rewarding.

The assignments were marked promptly and with positive, constructive feedback.

The content was really informative, relevant and up to date.

A distance learning course student
Jones Rundora

The course met my expectations exceedingly.

I measure this by how I am now able to critique other peoples adverts or writing.

The course was excellent. It covered every possible area where copywriters might work.

The tutorial support was excellent. Justine marked the assignments really quickly and gave pertinent, honest and really helpful feedback every time.

A distance learning course student
Yvette Marrier d’Unienville

The personalised assignment feedback was invaluable. I learned many tips on improving my work as a writer and copywriter.

A distance learning course student
Freya McLaughlin

The course was fantastic. It gave me a thorough grounding in the different types of writing that a copywriter might experience.

I found the course to be broad, informative, and well planned and resourced. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Default Avatar75
John Di Girolamo

I enrolled with CMP because my gut reaction was it was a well-organised college and the courses would have been of a high standard. On that score, my expectations have been satisfied.

Justine was extremely good as a tutor. She gave very good advice that I really appreciated.

A distance learning course student
Jacqueline Nicolosi

The course more than met my expectations. My tutor, Lucy van Biljon was extremely supportive, was always giving constructive feedback.

The course content is very informative and covers everything one needs to know to become a professional copywriter.

I wanted to break in to the profession of copywriting through a reputable and accredited online programme. The tutorial support was amazing!

The course content was extremely thorough and well presented. The size of the lessons made it easy for me to absorb all the information and retain it.

A distance learning course student
Andrew Baskott

The course exceeded my expectations.

My tutor, Lucy Van Biljon, gave great feedback with every assignment. Her enthusiasm and support for my work was very positive and helpful throughout.

A distance learning course student
Jack McKeever

The course was fantastic. It was comprehensive and gave me a real insight into the full range of copy types that I will be expected to contribute to in the future.

The tutorial support was always great and the course content was really interesting.

The course was laid out in a logical and coherent way, each unit building on the one before.

I honestly have no suggestions for improvement. It's great as it is, in my mind. Keep doing what you're doing.

A distance learning course student
William Robertson

Justine answered all my queries promptly and comprehensively. The lesson notes were interesting, informative and extensive.

I have learnt a great deal about the copywriting world, and feel sufficiently prepped to enter into it.

I now feel more confident about writing texts from scratch and I feel my writing skills have improved as a result of attending the course. I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in getting in to copywriting.

The content was comprehensive, clear and concise. I feel I have a better grasp of the 'science' behind copywriting.

I've learnt the core principles that apply to all copywriting styles as well as the emphasis on structure and audience.

I was very happy with the course. I've tried reading teach-yourself-copywriting books, but they're no substitute for working with a tutor.

I looked forward to getting my assignments back from Lucy, my tutor. Her feedback was insightful and her encouragement much appreciated.

Catherine Rowland: CMP copywriting course graduate
Catherine Rowland

The course content was good, as it covered all the necessary aspects of copywriting. It was also broken up in a way that was manageable and not overwhelming. I learned how to write more effectively, for different mediums and purposes.

A distance learning course student
Kenneth Johnson

I enrolled to gain an accredited certification as I work as a content writer in a communications team.

The course was really good, I have learned so much.

I learnt how to write clear and engaging content for different mediums. The tutorial support has been fantastic throughout.

For me, I don't think there is anything that I would change about the course at this stage.

The tutorial support was really good and I always got a quick response from the tutors.

I don't think there is anything you can do to improve the course. It pretty much covered everything needed to become a copywriter.

Ellen Long-Common

The course was more thorough than I expected. I appreciated receiving detailed and encouraging feedback and critique.

The course content is broad and detailed. It covers many of the aspects I expected, and a few that I hadn't considered.

A distance learning course student
Lucy Goddard

The course exceeded my expectations. Informed, insightful and geared towards its students.

The content was relevant and detailed. I learnt a huge amount about effective copy and delivery.

I loved the flexibility. I could complete my assignments at any time, which is perfect to fit around my lifestyle.

The tutorial support was great! Justine would answer any questions I had in a matter of hours.

Sarah Thomas

The tutorial support was amazing, it was so helpful and I can use it going forward in my new career. My biggest learn was that actually I’m better at writing than I thought I was, it was a real confidence boost.

Copywriting course student Caroline Wearn
Caroline Wearn

Justine's comments have truly made me feel confident as a writer and for that, I am extremely grateful. I feel like I have learned everything I need to know to become a great writer. I have recommended this course to so many people already!

A distance learning course student
Olivia Spindlow

I enrolled on this course because I wanted to gain more insight and experience with copywriting.

The course completely exceeded my expectations. The tutorial support was second to none.

A distance learning course student
Matthew McAdam

The course exceeded my expectations, and I learned a lot more than just the basic skills.

I was very impressed with how varied and in depth the content was, covering a wide range of areas.

A distance learning course student
Rory McVeigh

I wasn't sure what to expect but I feel that the course covered everything in the right amount of detail.

The tutor was generally very prompt with marking assignments and giving feedback.

A distance learning course student
Shaney Blackman

I have been keen to change my career which allows me to work anywhere in the world.

I'm glad I chose this course, it has helped me raise my confidence levels when considering entering a new industry. I was happy with the course and cannot think of any improvements.

A distance learning course student
Michelle Hagger

I want to become a copywriter for a magazine company, so I used this course to help me on my way to achieve this.

The course was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The tutorial support was excellent, and the course content was thorough and informative.

A distance learning course student
Louise Souter

I am a freelance translator and felt that a copywriting course would help me improve my translations. The course covered a wide range of topics and involved a good mix of exercises. The tutor support was very prompt and thorough.

A distance learning course student
Melanie Marti

The course met all of my expectations. The response times were really good and lots more support than I was expecting, which was great.

The course content was good. I mostly learned how to write for different platforms for a good response which is awesome in a very social media driven age.

A distance learning course student
Leila Martin

The scope of the course and a wide range of areas covered helped me learn to adapt my writing.

It was really helpful to have the option to ask questions about the assignments. I always got a prompt reply. The feedback was constructive and my writing improved as a result. The lessons were clear but comprehensive and had lots of relevant information.

A distance learning course student
Isabelle Sudron

The course exceeded my expectations. There were lots of clear explanations, relevant examples and practical advice.

My tutor, Justine, was fantastic! She gave me genuinely supportive, helpful feedback on my work. The course content was easy to understand, engaging and included useful examples.

A distance learning course student
Diane Gibling

The course definitely exceeded my expectations, it was very informative and detailed. Justine Holman was extremely helpful, her positive marking and comments allowed me to understand instantly where I had made a mistake and why I had made it and how best to correct it.

The course has given me a greater understanding about how to write for different media and the different styles of writing I will need.

This was a very thorough course covering a lot of bases. Very pleased! My tutor, Justine, has been incredible. I was given so much encouragement and constructive feedback which really boosted my confidence.

The content was interesting, informative and taught me so much I didn't know already!

A distance learning course student
Elizabeth Frost

The course was very helpful. Justine Holman answered questions promptly and gave useful, constructive feedback on the assignments.

It covered a wide range of subjects in a lot of detail. I learnt to make sure the aim of the copy was clear before beginning to write it. I also learnt how to order the information within a piece of copy to ensure maximum impact and to use words economically.

I've done some online training for my professional development as a teacher and while pleased overall with those trainings, I often found some of the work less than engaging or somewhat contrived. Not the case with this copywriting course. Really impressed with the quality of this course.

The tutor’s expertise was clear from the start because of the detailed feedback she gave.

A distance learning course student
Luke Towning

I wanted to get better at writing for sales and possibly look at a career as a copywriter.

The course was great. It gave me a very good understanding in a structured, easy-to-follow way.

I wanted to learn tricks of the trade and different styles of writing. This course definitely accomplished that!

It was great that I could learn at my own pace.

The online support was good. The lessons were clear, varied and interesting.

Stefania Trinchero

The course absolutely met my expectations and I really learnt a lot.

Justine Holman was always really helpful and supportive, she answered on time to all my questions and gave interesting suggestions and tips.

The course was just perfect for me.

Matthew Layton: copywriting course

The course has exceeded my expectations. I have been on courses in the past which have definitely help me develop, but not in the practical sense.

My support from Justine Holman has been outstanding. The course content covered everything I was looking for and more. I have nothing negative to comment on the course. I would 100% recommend.

Scott Hovery: copywriting course

I'm looking to build my skills as a writer. The course was interesting all the way through.

Justine Holman was amazing, excellent marking and really constructive advice and comments.

The content was really thorough and covered all areas.

Suthat Naruenartwanich: copywriting course

I am very satisfied with the course and its content. The support throughout the course was very good. Justine was very supportive and gave clear instructions.

The course content was very informative and practical for use in the real world.

I learned the essential techniques of writing a good copy and how to apply it to different channels such as social media, press releases, and SEO articles etc.

A distance learning course student
Emma Cavanagh: copywriting course

It exceeded my expectations. I had never taken an online course so I didn't know what to expect, but I received the same level of information and tutor support that I would in a classroom environment.

I found Justine to be very quick at marking assignments and her feedback was valuable. I thought it was easy to follow and I liked the level of work involved to complete the assignments.

A distance learning course student
Pauline Cordell: Copywriting course

The course was excellent from enrolment to completion. The entire team were very helpful and always responded quickly to queries.

The fact that the tutors are all experienced industry professionals added a weight to the course content and feedback.

The tutor support was first class. Second to none.

A distance learning course student
Caroline McCormack: Copywriting course

I wanted to improve my writing skills and learn more about the skills required as a copywriter. My ultimate aim to offer services to SMEs.

My tutor provided practical and critical advice and support, all of which have made me a better content writer.

A distance learning course student
Andrew McIntosh: Copywriting course

The course was very well balanced and pretty wide-ranging. It's made me keen to drill down further into several of the sub-topics.

I learned that you NEVER finish learning good grammar! What the underlying tenets of good copywriting are, irrespective of style / tone of voice. I've gained a fascination with SEO, and its constantly changing nature.

Kevin Taylor Copywriting course

For me the course was 100% and doesn't need any improvement. It exceeded my expectations in terms scope, writing for different audiences and formats. It has really given me 'food for thought' in terms of developing a career in this area.

Tutorial support was excellent and timely. The feedback was invaluable.

A distance learning course student
Amy Deakin: Copywriting course

I was able to directly apply my learning to my own work and develop new SEO article writing skills.

The tutorial support was very helpful, constructive and timely in responding to queries and marking assignments. My tutor helped me fix issues swiftly and provided encouraging feedback. The content was generally easy to understand, practical and applicable to my current role.

Christina Clover: Copywriting course

I wanted to brush up my copywriting skills to pursue a career in the industry.

The course was interesting, and I learned a lot. The modules were easy to understand, and the assignments provided an opportunity to write real-world pieces.

Justine was a great tutor. She was always supportive.

Lesley Mager: Copywriting course

It was an excellent course and went a lot further than expected. I also didn't realise how much I would enjoy it. Justine was very supportive and gave good feedback on all the assignments it was a pleasure to work with her.

I covered a lot more different types of copywriting than I expected. It was also a lot of fun.

A distance learning course student
Diane Norman: Copywriting course

It has taught me how to write most forms of copy for both print media and the web. It has also given me a lot of information about the business of copywriting and working as a freelance copywriter.

The tutorial support was fantastic. Justine Holman answered my queries within a couple of days and gave me useful guidance.

Tanya Bailey

It exceeded my expectations! I always received prompt and excellent communication and feedback. The lesson material seemed well planned and thought through and current.

It covered many areas and I found the text and guidelines accessible and easy to understand. The assignments were very practical.

Alessandra Martelli: Copywriting course

I wanted to round up hands-on experience with a structured course, to polish my skills The course fully met my expectations.
Justine was very helpful, and feedback was useful.

The course covers all the basics, and content is presented clearly.

Tom Orde: Copywriting course

I wanted to learn more about copywriting with the objective of going self-employed. The course met my expectations. I learned a lot and feel confident and optimistic about setting up as a freelancer.

The tutorial support was really good. The comments and feedback in my assignments really helped. The content was very good.

Rosamaria Fracchiolla: Copywriting course

The course exceeded my expectations, I found it delivered really well. The study material was handy, accurate and easy to understand.

I learnt how to write concisely for a large-scale audience, as adverts need to reach out as many potential customers as possible. I now know how to create effective sentences, without missing my voice. I delved into the technical aspects of the job. I would like to enrol in another course.

A distance learning course student
Anne Morgan: Copywriting course

The course was excellent and my tutor Justine was fantastic. She gave constructive feedback and was always supportive and encouraging.

I learned how to write for your audience, how to adopt different writing styles, how to write concisely and where to research information and present it professionally. This will really benefit my business and my clients.

David Perez Hidalgo

It's a great course that covers all the fundamentals of copywriting. But it was a lot more than that actually because it touched on areas like social media, codes of practice and looking for work strategies. The tutorial support is the strongest point of the course. Sincere and professional feedback that really helps you learn and grow.

The content is well presented and it is structured in such a way that you can immediately apply what you just learned.

Lauren Stuttaford: Copywriting course

My writing abilities have significantly improved. I have picked up on skills I didn't have before, such as SEO, editing, and social media writing.

My tutor was attentive and patient. The content is easy to grasp and well-rounded, with detailed instructions.

Bethany Turner

The course exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly interesting, informative and covered a variety of topics
Justine Holman (tutor), was great. My assignments were returned quickly and had lots of helpful feedback to help me improve. She was always helpful if I had any questions.

I have learned a lot about many things which will help me when looking for jobs.

A distance learning course student
Jodie Coombs

This course exceeded my expectations. I am thoroughly pleased with the course, being both fun and educational. The variety of lessons made me learn so much.

Justine was a wonderful tutor. She always replied swiftly, and was patient if I didn't understand. It has been a pleasure to be tutored by her.

Daniel Sherrington

The course was just right for me and what I needed. I now feel confident that I can take this forward in to a new career. The course was demanding in places but very thorough and informative. There was a well-organised course structure with exactly the right amount of content presented.

A distance learning course student
Heather Eccles

The tutor went above and beyond with her feedback. Justine was extremely professional and gave the most informative feedback I have ever received.

Justine was always very thorough in her comments and ensured you knew exactly what you did well and what you lost marks on.

The content was thorough, lots of additional reading, covered all bases.

A distance learning course student
Kate Courtney

The tutorial support was excellent - the feedback was clear and helpful.

There were some great tips about writing better copy. It's made me keen to keep writing my blog, now I have a better understanding of how I should write for that in particular - and it's given me a better understanding of how to write for different channels at work.

Adam Weavers

I enrolled to increase my knowledge of what a copywriter does, whilst also enhancing my skills and learning new ones. It was just what I needed!

The tutorial support: perfect! Replied quickly and was very helpful.

A distance learning course student
Esther Higgs

I enrolled on the course to increase my chances of finding flexible work as a freelance copywriter.
The course was exactly what I needed it to be. The fact that it also sets you up for finding work exceeded my expectations.
The tutorial support was excellent. The content was a perfect introduction to most content-writing scenarios. I loved it!

A distance learning course student
Kelly Holland

The course met and exceeded my expectations. I thought the assignments were great and I feel like my copywriting skills have improved massively since beginning the course.

I thought the course content was in-depth and covered the necessary areas of copywriting. I found the SEO and social media assignments particularly useful as this is an area I am currently venturing in to in my job.

The course was perfectly balanced and has boosted my overall confidence in that I have learned a new skill.
It was challenging, thought provoking and provided progression to enhance my work upon feedback of my assignments. Justine Holman, my tutor, was superb.

Justine Holman was supportive, helpful and really friendly. It was very easy to ask questions and her feedback was extremely helpful.
I really enjoyed the course content – it was up to date and easy to understand.

Online courses student, Tracy Cooper
Tracy Cooper

The course was excellent. I enjoyed every part of it. It was well worth the money and I am very satisfied with what I have learned, I have already signed up for two more courses with you.

Maria Trochoula

I am a marketing manager and part of my job is to write copy for social media, emails, and the website. I did this course because I wanted to enhance my writing skills. It was beyond my expectations, I enjoyed every minute. I am very happy with my tutor.

The course exceeded my expectations as I learned far more than I thought I would. I thought the tutorial support was excellent. The course content was broken down well in to a good range of topics.

I can truthfully say that if you want a great course with excellent delivery and excellent tutors, then CMP is where you will find it. I will be promoting it whenever and wherever I can.

Nicole Tierney: CMP copywriting course graduate
Nicole Tierney

The tutorial support was helpful and timely. I appreciated Justine Holman’s words of encouragement and the level of detail she went in to when giving feedback about my work. Overall I was impressed with the course content.

Wendy Woodhead: CMP copywriting course graduate
Wendy Woodhead

The course gave me a lot of insight and helped me think more broadly about how to hone and apply copywriting techniques and the areas copywriting reaches in to. The support was excellent. I always felt like my tutor was understanding.

A distance learning course student
Natalie-Levi Greer

I was searching for a new course for a career change. The course content covered every aspect of copywriting and gave me a full insight in to what I needed to learn to become a good copywriter.

A distance learning course student
Sonia Howard

The course fulfilled my expectations, as I learned a lot about writing for different media. The support was great. My work was always marked on time with helpful and encouraging comments.

I like the fact that there is a tutor on hand who can give you sound guidance and tips on how to improve in certain areas. The course content covered everything that I would expect of a copywriting course.

Morwenna Baldock

The course content was really good and relevant. I feel 100% more confident in my current copywriting role for Three Mobile. The course met my expectations and tutorial support was great.

A distance learning course student
Anna Philona

The quality of lessons and assignments suited my learning methods and really helped me to develop my writing as well as teaching me new skills. Excellent support, the tutors and staff were always quick to reply to any queries I had and offered helpful advice.

Nicole Simms

I was impressed by the course content. It covered everything I would need to know to become a copywriter, such as writing SEO articles, sales letters, press releases, and blogging, plus much more.

A distance learning course student
Claire Matthews

The course was interesting and explanatory and it gave me an insight in to the world of copywriting. I enjoyed the course. The tutorial support was good. My tutor was enthusiastic and thorough with my assignments and she offered excellent advice.

Heather Phillips: CMP copywriting course graduate
Heather Phillips

After being made redundant I decided that content / copywriting was the area I wanted to focus on and needed a way to build my confidence. The course taught me I am actually quite a decent writer so it helped me achieve my goal!

Tamzin Gibbs

I wanted to pursue a career in copywriting. It was a very thorough and informative course, covering all areas of copywriting. I found it both engaging and challenging. The tutors were great and provided constructive and informative support.

Jonathan Green: CMP copywriting course graduate
Jonathan Green

The course content was perfect. It related to my current job role in every way so I could immediately apply what I learnt in each lesson to my every day work. My tutor was always on hand to answer my questions and responded very promptly.

The support I received was excellent and the delivery of lessons was swift. Marking was detailed and helpful. The course content covered a multitude of different aspects of copywriting. It was well thought out and well delivered.

A distance learning course student
Ryan Houghton

I was a complete copywriting rookie when I started, but I now feel I have the experience and knowledge to offer my services as a copywriter. The support was great, the level of feedback and help was first rate.

Justine Holman, the tutor, was great – her comments were really helpful and constructive and I learned a huge amount from her. The course did a great job of making the student aware of the different aspects and giving a strong foundation of experience.

A distance learning course student
Hannah Sillitto

The tutorial support was really good, when you needed them, they were there to answer any questions. I really enjoyed doing it, it was varied and well put together as assignments linked together to give you a better understanding.

George Appleton: CMP proofreading course graduate
George Appleton

The content provided me with a good grounding in all of the areas needed to become a copywriter. I liked the way the content was delivered and the feedback was always helpful.

I needed a professional certification in order to promote myself. The support was outstanding. Some of my queries were dealt with within minutes.

Livhuwani Nzama

I am now confident that I can write copy for different media. I liked the fact that everything was online. This meant I could study whenever and wherever I wanted. This saved a lot on transport costs.

Tiffany Shand

The course went beyond my expectations as it covered many different types of copywriting and also included a bit about webwriting and PR. Cleland Thom was the best tutor I’ve ever had through distance learning.

Lynne Thomas

This course worked perfectly for me. I would recommend it without hesitation! I found the style easy to handle whilst still feeling challenged. Thank you.

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I wanted to learn about copywriting and different aspects of writing to improve my skills in the hopes of becoming a freelance writer ...

A distance learning course student
Ikechi Joseph Iwenofu

The support was very good. I found the tutors to be professional, friendly and very thorough. You could approach them at any time and they would be willing to help.

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This is a course provider that you can trust. After completing this course I felt without a doubt that I had done something worthwhile ...

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I just completed the copywriting diploma and I am very pleased with what I have learned and the support I received ...

The course exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the range of areas covered in the lessons. I feel I have an all-round base on which to build my skills. Despite there being so many students, it felt like I was the only student.

Lindsay Narey

All assignments were challenging and interesting and learning can be applied immediately. Tutor feedback from Cleland Thom was always very useful and provided quickly. The communication was excellent: quick and friendly replies every time.

David Kalcher

Cleland’s tutoring is second to none. His skilful support and comments helped me focus. The course content was amazing. You can tell it has been written by a professional. I have told my boss, in case other employees need training.

Copywriting course student Electra Nanou
Electra Nanou

I was interested in copywriting and was already acquainted with CMP’s excellence. The course helped me see the difference between creative writing and copywriting, but also how to subtly incorporate my existing writing style.

A distance learning course student
Sandra Paquet

I have learned so much on this course, and really loved the content. It was easy to understand and very well explained. Communication with my tutor was excellent. I always received a prompt response.

A distance learning course student
Chris Blaker

As a student on the proofreading and copywriting courses, I found CMP helped me improve my self-confidence, which is really important. The learning experience with CMP was very insightful.

Julian Price

I have undertaken and enjoyed several courses with CMP, including this copywriting course. I can certainly recommend this course. I am now picking up regular copywriting work, both in article writing and web content.

I wanted to change career paths. Full-time college wasn't something that fitted with my lifestyle at the time. My tutor was brilliant in his understanding, encouragement and flexibility. CMP are passionate about what they do.

Copywriting course student Florence Cameron
Florence Cameron

I wanted to improve my website, make it work and generate more business. I also wanted to learn how to write articles for the web. The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent.

Keith McGuinness

I'd highly recommend CMP's copywriting course. It gives you a good understanding of what it takes to be a copywriter. Cleland’s feedback is valuable and prompt, and he has really given me confidence to look for work.

A distance learning course student
Michael Anscomb

From start to finish, the course delivered everything I expected. My course tutor, Cleland Thom, was excellent, giving me helpful advice at every step. I would recommend this course to anyone.

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