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I really enjoyed the course. It is well structured, flexible, and the tutorial support is amazing. Each lesson is long enough to cover everything and the assignments are designed to properly test the students.

My tutor was fantastic. She was very fast responding to my emails and marking my assignments.

I wanted to change my career path. My expectations were highly exceeded! The support was fantastic. The content was easy to understand and enlightening.

I learnt the ins and outs of proofreading and the most effective way of editing.

I had a bad experience with other providers, but CMP offered me a great lesson list, relevant to everything I wanted to learn. The course offers far more support than any other provider and is fantastic value for money, with the freedom to study.

Rachel was a fantastic mentor: quick to respond and explain any difficulties. The tutorial support was fantastic!

The course was user friendly, and covered all the aspects expected. My tutor provided much useful feedback on assignments in a timely manner, which was much appreciated.

The course content was interesting and varied, and met the objectives of the course. I enjoyed this course, and found it enhanced my existing skills and knowledge in this area.

The course exceeded my expectations. I got more than I asked for. It's worth paying for. I have a feeling that I have been prepared adequately to face whatever challenges that come my way in my chosen profession.

The tutorial support was fantastic! Dr Rachel Finnegan was never tired of answering my questions. The course content was great. It was appropriate and well-structured.

As a self-published author of three novels, I wanted to learn to proofread and edit competently.

Originally, I thought an online course may be limited, but as it was based in the UK and it was something I could do during the Covid-19 restrictions, I decided to take a chance. I am very happy to confirm that this course greatly exceeded my expectations.

I thought the course content was fantastic, especially for online learning. The topics are explained in easy-to-understand detail, the quizzes are very helpful and the assignments are excellent.

My experience was faultless, so I can't think of anything to add to improve this course. My tutor responded very quickly whenever I emailed her, my grades were returned much quicker than I expected and the CMP website is easy to navigate and understand.

The course was great. It gave me a lot more hands-on experience and practice than I had expected it to. The tutorial support was great. Response times were fast, and the marking and support was particularly constructive.

A distance learning course student
Michele-Estee Suddaby

The tutorial support was fantastic. My tutor was Shuna, and she was brilliant! She marked all of my assignments and responded to my queries very quickly.

I thought the course content was great for a beginner like me. It was easy to understand and covered all of the necessary elements needed for proofreading and editing.

I enrolled in this course as a key training for my role as content/features writer at Yello Media Group. I am directly responsible for nine of the company's 20 markets. I don't know how to improve this class. It was a great learning experience. I graduated university almost a decade ago and this course was my first real professional development class since school and I am impressed.

The course was amazing. It covered everything I expected.

The tutor support makes the course outstanding. Excellent feedback given in a timely manner. The course content went beyond what I was expecting.

I had never done online courses before this one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well … I loved it. The quality of the learning material was excellent, the support I received from my tutor was phenomenal.

The course with CMP was superb in every way. Do not enrol with any other course provider. Julian Brouwer was fantastic. He supported me in every way, and answered all my questions - instantly.

I didn't just learn what I needed to know, the course was a great adventure in itself.

The tutorial support was excellent. Marked assignments are returned lightning-fast with extensive comments which is far better than many other institutions. Individual queries are also answered very quickly.

The course was truly excellent. Extremely comprehensive, relevant and also quite fascinating in places. The tutorial support was absolutely first class. I learned new skills, for example, Adobe Acrobat proofreading and using track changes more effectively, and gaining a sound understanding of basic copyright and libel law.

The course exceeded my expectations with the level of detail it went into and the amount of support that was available to me.

My tutor Julian was brilliant! I always received a prompt response to my queries and assignments. He ensured the feedback was detailed so I learned from mistakes and further my knowledge.

There is a practical emphasis and all the learning materials are well designed, with handy hints for doing real-life work. Tutorial support from Julian Brouwer has been first-rate. The feedback has been useful.

The lessons were interesting and informative. The assignments were challenging and rewarding.

The tutorial support was excellent. Julian Brouwer always replied in a timely manner and was extremely helpful and encouraging.

I learned where I am currently going wrong and I can improve my approach and communicate more effectively.

The course was thorough and gave plenty of extra tips and information to help me with the studying.

The tutorial support was excellent, with encouragement and helpful advice for each assignment.

During lockdown I found myself with no work and decided to give CMP's course a go with the intentions of setting up in business or working for someone as a proofreader.

The course provided me with the necessary skills to move into a new role as a QA specialist.

The course was excellent.  It was so informative and I learned so much.  The tutors were very supportive, and replied to queries very quickly.  The tutors were very helpful and encouraging with assignments.

The course was more interesting than I had expected. I have acquired the skills needed to become a professional proofreader and editor. 

I learnt a lot of valuable information and hope to be able to start my own freelance business. I have already proofread and copyedited a novel for a work colleague, and I hope to be able to do so again.

I was blown away by how much practical guidance and support the College of Media and Publishing gave me.

I have learnt loads, I feel well equipped to gain suitable employment as a proofreader and editor.

The course went above and beyond my expectations. The quality of the tutorial support was excellent. My tutor, Jennie Harborth, also marked my assignments quickly yet thoroughly.

I enrolled on this proofreading course to refresh my skills prior to going freelance. I found it to be very thorough. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

The tutorial support was very helpful and I found the feedback useful. I thought the course content was excellent. It targeted all of the areas I needed to focus on.

The course was very useful and informative. I found the tutorial support from Shuna Meade very helpful. Her notes were well explained and her tone was warm and friendly.

This course was enjoyable to do, and expanded my knowledge. I now feel confident that I have the knowledge to go out there and offer professional freelance editing services.

The course surpassed my expectations! Shuna was an amazing tutor! Her response to my queries and her feedback on assignments were always prompt and incredibly helpful.

The course was well-structured, and the material was very easy to understand and apply. I enjoyed it tremendously!

The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was easy to access. After submitting assignments the feedback was useful and very prompt.

I thought the course content covered a wide variety of areas and included aspects I didn't even think of. Overall, I thought it was great. I'm really glad that I could complete it at my own pace.

The course was exactly as described, and tutorial support was excellent. I received very helpful feedback on assignments. 

The course exceeded my expectations! I really enjoyed it! It was challenging but rewarding and I’m looking to book my next course! 

Proofreading is something I always wanted to do, but I never had time. The Covid 19 lockdown was the ideal time to do it! I would also like to start a freelance business that would allow me to work from home permanently.

The course was a lot more in-depth that I had originally expected. The assignments were genuinely interesting, and I actually looked forward to sitting down to do them!

My tutor was excellent on all levels! Extremely quick and efficient when marking my assignments, friendly and approachable, and very encouraging! I really felt, towards the end of this course, she really knew the words to get me going to challenge myself.

Overall, this course was brilliant. I couldn't fault it at all.

The materials were easy to follow as they had clear instructions. This included great examples and descriptions of what is required when working as a Proofreader.

My tutor Shuna was excellent. She was extremely helpful, thoughtful and considerate of my needs as a disabled student.

I learned about using Microsoft Word to track changes and to comment on queries. I also learned about using the BSI symbols to mark on paper. An important aspect that was taught was to always double check the corrections you make so as not to miss anything important.

Overall, I found this course to be excellent!

A distance learning course student
Monisha Devi Mohanlal

This course definitely exceeded my expectations. It was really fun and enjoyable but also so very worthwhile and very useful and full of knowledge.

I found the tutorial support very helpful.

The content was comprehensive and interesting. I feel prepared having completed it. 

This course went above and beyond my expectations. I now feel confident to make the career change I dreamed of!

My tutor Shuna has been an excellent support throughout, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course content, although some lessons were much heavier than others. Having invested time in what this course had to offer, I now feel a new confidence in proofreading and copy editing.

I learned the skills of copy editing and proofreading. I also brushed up on my grammar skills as well as learning how the publishing process works.

Overall, I found this course very thorough and well laid out.

A distance learning course student
David Honour proofreading course

I thought the course was perfect, all aspects I wanted to achieve were covered.

The tutorial support was excellent. Queries were responded to very efficiently. Turnaround times of submissions were generally faster than advised.

The course certainly met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent. I received detailed comments for each of the assignments I submitted, which was both encouraging and informative.

The course content was varied and interesting. I learned absolutely loads! Overall, the course was excellent.

I thought this course was excellent - very detailed and covered a range of topics in considerable depth.

The tutorial support was also excellent. Julian was very helpful in his comments on my work. I can't think of any areas of improvement off the top of my head! It was excellent.

I enrolled on this course to learn a new skill that fitted with my passions and previous experiences, and one that I would be able to use to find paid employment.

I found the course content well organised and easy to follow. It was very thorough and easy to engage with.

I learned how to proofread and edit on paper, as well as in Adobe and in Word. Also how to substantiate amendments and find out the correct way of styling and formatting documents.

Overall, the course was excellent as an introduction to proofreading as a skill and a job.

I enrolled on this course to broaden my options for freelance proofreading work. I found the course challenging but very interesting.

I was pleased with the speed of response by Julian and found his corrections and comments insightful. I enjoyed the course and believe it will provide a good basis from which to undertake proofreading and copyediting work.

The tutorial support was excellent, very timely, full of detailed help and advice, with excellent feedback and pointers, as well as fast grading. Even the tests were fun!

I found the tutorial support excellent.

I found the content interesting and really useful and learned that I have much to learn! As a writer, it was also very useful.

The course was much more interesting than I expected and very comprehensive.

The lessons were very interesting and practical, as were the assignments.

The course was well presented and covered all the relevant subjects. The portal (OLA) was easy to use and the tutor's feedback was friendly, swift and constructive.

I learnt how to proofread professionally, which was the main objective.

The course was great. The support from my tutor was really helpful and the course itself was very engaging.

The support I received was great. All of my work was returned with detailed marking and was really encouraging.

The course was informative, well structured and great value for money. My tutor responded promptly and was always polite and helpful.

Overall, I found the course to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

This course more than met my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

I'm not sure you can improve this course, to be honest.

The course went above and beyond meeting my expectations! I learned so much, and really felt challenged by the assignments and tests.

The course, overall, was really informative and well constructed, with excellent support from tutors.

I was satisfied by the standard required in this course.

I found the tutorial support excellent. I found the content interesting and really useful.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I felt the course was good and covered a lot.

The tutor support was very helpful and supportive, and the content was good and very thorough.

The course surpassed my expectations. The material of the course was extensive and in depth. It challenged me.

I cannot think of any ways for you to improve. I thought everything was perfect.

A distance learning course student
Frederick Bishop Proofreading courses

I enrolled to develop my already strong written English, to use in my administrative career, and to improve my personal fiction writing.

Detailed course content, easy to access, and excellent assessment and constructive criticism from my tutor, Shuna.

The tutor support was fantastic! So, so friendly and made me feel like no question was a silly one. I was given clear answers that I understood.

I enjoyed the course, even on the more challenging assignments.

A distance learning course student
Bryony Rheam Proofreading course

I wanted to improve my skills and be able to get work as a proofreader. I was very impressed with the course.

I really enjoyed the course and have referred it to a friend already.

This course exceeded my expectations! Having never taken an online course before, I was apprehensive as to the content and the depth to which each topic would be studied.

Overall the course was exactly what I wanted it to be.

The course was informative, well structured and great value for money. My tutor responded promptly and was always polite and helpful.

I found the content a fascinating and enjoyable experience to work through.

The content was really interesting. There is so much more to proofreading and copy editing than I realised.

The course was interesting, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Overall, I would say the course did meet my expectations. I had no knowledge of proofreading or copy editing prior to enrolling but I found the content easy to engage with.

Generally, the tutorial support was useful and always very quick and prompt.

The course met all of my expectations. I now feel more confident in my proofreading and editing skills which will benefit my workplace and when I start to freelance.

Overall, it was excellent and very enjoyable.

I learned the many things to be considered when copyediting and proofreading. I have slowly develop my skills in being meticulous in different details.

It was very good and enjoyable for me. I would recommend it to others.

It was just what I was looking for. The reading material was clear, well-written, not too long and had a lightness of touch, which was very welcome.

I had the head tutor, Dr Rachel Finnigan, and she was knowledgeable, friendly and supportive, and very fair in her comments.

A distance learning course student
Hector John Periquin Proofreading course

I expected it to be very flexible for a worldwide audience, and it was good. Julian was very patient and understanding, and the content was very rich and helpful.

It was very good and enjoyable for me. I would recommend it to others.

I chose this course as I was exploring opportunities that would allow me to work from home.

I personally loved the assignments being marked by my tutor, as the feedback was invaluable and pushed me a little harder.

The course was excellent. I learnt the basics of proofreading which I can apply in my work as a Translator.

The course content is very good and interesting and focuses not only on the basics but on all the related subject to proofreading and editing such as legal checks and academic proofreading that are useful for work.

I had done a little proofreading for a friend and wanted to learn how to do it properly. I hoped to gain a qualification with a view to finding proofreading and editing work.

The course went over and above my expectations. The tutorial support was great! I was given good advice, support and encouragement from my tutor.

To me, the course content flowed logically so I felt that I was learning new things throughout the course, but also having previous learning reinforced. Plenty of detail, explanation and interest.

I learnt that there is a lot more to proofreading and editing than I had previously thought! I Can't think of any improvements that could be made.

I found the course very interesting and challenging. The learning material and assignment submissions were all very accessible through the online learning area. Being accredited and endorsed as the courses are assured me of CMP's high standards.

Julian, my tutor, was great, he gave very positive feedback whilst pointing out my errors. He responded to marking my assignments very quickly as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably do another course with CMP.

The course met my expectations. It was broad in scope and had sufficient detail to be very beneficial for me.

Overall, the course was excellent. It was challenging, rewarding, and worthwhile.

The course met and exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot. Particularly since I am not a native English speaker, it was very clear and concise and easy to follow whilst at the same time very comprehensive.

The tutor feedback was very good.

I thought the course was excellent. Straight-forward and clear, easy to access and very enjoyable. I felt very supported by the tutor.

I felt that I learnt so much and found it really enjoyable.

The course was easy to follow, and well put together. It was sufficiently challenging, but enjoyable as well.

The tutors showed that they had a great depth of knowledge on the subject, and used their comments to help me improve at each stage.

I was very impressed with all aspects of the course. The learning material was of a very high quality.

Rachel was always prompt in responding to each submitted assignment. Her feedback and comments were extremely helpful in keeping me on track.

The course met my expectations very well. The assignments were always well constructed and relevant.

The content was great. It covered everything and more than I expected it to. The learning material was well written and the assignments were a good length and consolidated the learning well.

A distance learning course student
Karen Swanepoel proofreading course

I enrolled because I had an interest in proofreading and also wanted to have an additional income that I could possibly do remotely.

It more than exceeded my expectations. The course material was simple and easy to understand. The assignments were challenging and I developed and learnt at the end of each module.

My tutor Shuna was friendly, supportive and constructive with her feedback and advice. Sometimes tutors can be condescending, she wasn't ever. I really enjoyed working with her.

I found the course content extremely informative with plenty of links and additional material. I learnt about the different proofreading and editing techniques and also what it takes to be a great proofreader and editor.

I can't think of any way this course could be improved.

The course was more difficult than I anticipated, but that was a plus, because it indicated that it is a thorough and rigorous course.

Rachel has very high standards and does not allow any sloppy work. I also appreciated how quickly the assignments were returned to me.

I have experienced online courses in the past and was impressed with the level of tutor support available.

I think the course covered every aspect of proofreading and editing. I liked the mini tests and activities included in the learning material to gauge my understanding.

I didn't know what to expect, having never done any online courses before. But I have to say, I was really impressed.

On the occasions that I had questions, my tutor responded in a really personal way that made it clear they were actually focussing on my work and progress.

The course was far more supportive than I could have imagined.

I think everything was covered thoroughly and well explained.

The course met my expectations as I passed the course with a distinction which I am very happy with, I hope to be able to utilise the services of the free career coaching scheme to be able to find work very soon.

I wanted to develop my proofreading and editing skills so that I can start looking for freelance work.

The course met my expectations in all ways. Julian was extremely helpful with the feedback he provided for my assignments. He was also very encouraging in his comments.

The course content was broad and I liked how it included digital, print, copy editing, academic, legal (very important), and also finding a job.

The course was beyond my expectations; it was enjoyable to learn, easy to follow and understand. I have not been disappointed.

This course was an excellent combination of theory and practice.

As a freelancer, the self-study format is ideal.

The course exceeded my expectations. Julian was so prompt in grading and returning my work.

The content was very thorough but easy to understand.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. Lockdown has given me the time to do it. It was thorough, the right pace and very easy to follow.

Shuna was very friendly and helpful. Her feedback on my assignments was clear and expressed in a positive way.

The course was really worth it. I learned a lot and I'm happy to say that I created a new skill set.

Shuna was great. She was quick, kind and thorough with her work. I found the course content quite engaging and resourceful.

The course covered more than I thought it would.

It was very easy to contact the tutors and get quick feedback and answers to questions.

I have seen many graduates said the course exceeded their expectations and I must say: mine too.

The course covered all the information one needs for successful proofreading and editing.

There was a lot of course content, all of which was relevant and very interesting.

I learned an awful lot about proofreading and editing and now feel confident that I can have a career in this field.

The tutorial support I got was very good. It helped me a lot.

The course covered a lot. I am happy with it.

I was able to complete the course in my own time which was a very important point for me.

The course was informative and well presented.

I feel 200% more confident now than I did when I decided to start my editing business.

I appreciated detailed feedback from a human being and someone I know is an expert.

I had previously done a similar course with Chapterhouse and I found this one to be far superior on many fronts.

I got in touch several times with my tutor, and responses were always swift and all I required.

Both of my tutors Rachel and Shuna were very helpful.

They wrote detailed, useful notes describing where I'd gone wrong, and gave encouraging praise where I'd gone right.

This course exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed it. My assignments were marked quickly with constructive feedback. I haven’t enjoyed a course as much as this one for a long time!

I am very satisfied with all aspects of the course. Julian was very helpful: quick to respond and precise about detail.

I learned not to take anything for granted and to be meticulous at all times!

I feel much more confident in my ability to proofread and have learnt some very valuable techniques.

I can't think of anything that could have been improved.

I found the course interesting and challenging. The course content was good and covered all areas within proofreading.

My tutor gave helpful feedback and marked assignments within the time stated.

It taught me a great deal about grammar, style and referencing that I didn't know. It was good that you were always able to get a speedy and accurate reply to your queries.

The content explained all the aspects clearly and succinctly. There is an awful lot more to proofreading than spelling and grammar.

The OLA was very organised, structured and easy to navigate, making the process of learning a pleasant experience;

The tutorial support was great; she was always prompt in her responses, marks and gave constructive feedback and criticism.

I did not expect this quality from an online course. In many ways the course exceeded my expectations.

I always received a quick response from Rachel and she was also really quick with evaluating the assignments.

I enrolled in order to validate my services as a proofreader. The course was outstanding and completely met with my expectations.

The course content was comprehensive and accessible.

As I already have a degree in linguistics, I wasn't sure if the course would be too basic. It was more detailed than I expected and I learnt a great deal which exceeded my expectations.

I found the course material extremely thorough and helpful.

The course content was much larger than I expected, very thorough, with some suitably challenging assignments.

The tutorial support from Dr Rachel Finnegan was excellent.

The course content was both relevant, interesting and enjoyable.

All of the units were organised in a very user-friendly manner.

I was very pleased with the course. I learnt a lot from it and gained lots of knowledge.

My tutor Rachel was amazing. She would mark my work very quickly. She also had a lot of advice and help to give.

The tutor feedback given during the course was valuable and encouraging. Course content seemed to be wide and varied giving me the opportunity to test myself in different areas.

I learned a lot about my strengths and areas that need a little more fine tuning.

I liked having the tutorial support. Julian was knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful.

I thought the course content was excellent, well planned and well presented. Julian was knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful.

The content is very useful and well structured. It helps me to solve situations in my actual job.

Dr Finnegan has been wonderful.

The course was very good. More topics were covered than I expected.

The tutorial support was good. I received fast and detailed responses to assignments.

The tutorial support was supportive, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable.

Content was excellent, challenging and informative, and I learnt a great deal.

The course was very informative, and it definitely met my expectations. I thought the course content was good and varied.

I feel that I have learned all the basics that I will need for starting a new career.

The tutorial support was prompt and very useful.

The content was very detailed and contained a great deal of helpful advice and resources.

I've learnt such an array of new skills, which I have already started to put into action.

I know how to look out for lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes now.

The course clearly exceeded my expectations.

As sceptical as I was, I can't believe I could learn so much in just 12 lessons. Overall, the course was perfect for me.

The course was very helpful and the tutorial support was very good.

On the whole the course content was about the right level and gave an appropriate amount of detail.

It actually was much better than expected. It was thorough and looked at aspects to proofreading I had not expected.

The tutorial support was very good! The course content was very thorough and interesting.

The tutorial support was superb. Rachel Finnegan answered such queries as I had, promptly and politely, and her feedback on assignments was helpful.

The course has been excellent. The support was always very prompt, to the point, professional and knowledgeable.

I learnt attention to detail in the extreme.

My tutor was approachable and friendly, and marked my assignments very quickly. This was much better than I have experienced with other course providers.

I found the content clean, concise, and easy-to-follow. It was also much more relevant than material I have studied from other course providers.

The course definitely met my expectations. It was very thorough and informative. The tutorial support was excellent too.

The course content was appropriate and easy to follow. I feel I learned enough from the course to eventually embark on a new career in proofreading.

The course was great, it went above and beyond expectations. I learned a lot more than I thought I already knew!

The support was brilliant. Very helpful tutors and great feedback after every lesson and assignment. The content was great as well.

I thought the course was great. The tutorial support was good, assignments were marked promptly and advice was forthcoming if required.

The course gave me an introduction to the world of proofreading and copyediting which is exactly what I wanted. It has given me the confidence to embark on some freelance work.

Being the daughter of a journalist I am dismayed at the number of errors I spot in newspapers, periodicals, magazines etc. So I looked to enrol on a proofreading course.

The course was excellent. Very self-explanatory. I now feel confident to seek employment in this field.

I was looking to supplement my income and have always enjoyed proofreading, so I looked for a course. I wanted a portable job as I tend to travel a lot.

I enjoyed the course much more than anticipated. There was wonderful support with a quick turn-around for messages and grading. The content was very thorough.

I have to read and edit various documents in my business so I decided to take it a stage further and offer my services to others.

The course content was good. Practically focussed and interesting. Tutorial support was excellent - very engaged with my progress. Great feedback.

The course gave me a lot of information about the technicalities of proofreading and useful advice for future work in this area, which is what I wanted.

The course content was thorough and useful. The lessons were all well-structured and of a suitable length. I found it very useful.

The course fully met my expectations, in teaching me the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to work freelance. My tutor was very friendly and approachable, and her tone was always supportive and encouraging.

My interest has deepened and I now know for certain that this is what I want to do.

The course covered ALL relevant areas in full. Compared to other courses available, this one is very much up to date and relevant.

I particularly enjoyed having a mentor, together with the additional material provided in the modules which linked to other useful websites.

I'm a published author but I also have a seasonal day job. The course met every expectation incredibly well.

The feedback I received was helpful and my tutor was always fast to respond.

I now feel confident that I can accept work to edit and proofread novels, which is exactly what I hoped for.

The course was very thorough and easily accessible. Excellent lessons - explained easily to understand, concise, and at a pace I could manage.

The tutorial support was very good! Always a quick turnaround with marking and always there to answer queries and questions. It was all really good.

I learned a lot on this course. I couldn't have wished for better guidance.

It covered all types of proofreading and editing which will help me in the future. The course was well explained, too.

The course was engaging and offered a range of lesson topics. Dr Rachel Finnegan was very prompt with her feedback, it was detailed, constructive and very easy to understand where you went wrong and how to improve.

The course covered the range of topics essential when starting out in the proofreading and editing field.

The content was informative, straightforward, and provided useful links to additional resources.

Also, the course introduced me to other aspects of proofreading/copy-editing (ie, academic).

My tutor was helpful, friendly, and provided great feedback.

The course was engaging and enjoyable, and offered excellent resources, both while learning and for the post-course job search.

My tutor, Dr Rachel Finnegan, was always on hand to answer any questions I had, and offer guidance where required in excellent time. My assignments were usually returned to me within 24 hours.

A distance learning course student
Colleen Kaluza: proofreading and editing course

I got my money's worth, for sure! Dr Rachel Finnegan was a great tutor and gave me good feedback.

I never had to wait too long for a reply to any queries, or for my work to be graded. Being able to communicate with the tutor online, was a big plus.

The course content was thorough and easy to comprehend.

A distance learning course student
Joyce Challis: proofreading and editing course

Excellent course, a very high standard. Good learning materials and challenging assignments addressing the different aspects of editing.

Excellent tutorial support. Assignments marked very thoroughly and useful feedback given to improve on skills and progress.

Maddalena Marzola: proofreading and editing course

I was very satisfied with the way the course is presented and the way lessons and assignments are dealt with. Topics are presented clearly and pragmatically.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my tutor - I never had to wait more than a couple of hours. Even assignments have always been corrected overnight.

A distance learning course student
Heather Turner: proofreading and editing course

The course was very comprehensive and covered a great deal, exceeding my expectations.

My tutor Rachel Finnegan was extremely supportive, always responding quickly to my queries.

The course is great, covering all relevant areas comprehensively and equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need.

Sarah Anammah: proofreading and editing course

I learned far more than I bargained for on this course. It's really worth the money spent. Now I can confidently edit and proofread both hard copy and online documents.

Dr Rachel Finnegan is simply awesome. You are all doing an amazing job.

Karina Asti: proofreading and editing course

I learned so much on the course, and really enjoyed the challenges of each lesson. I feel confident in my proofreading and editing skills now, and can't wait to put them to the test.

The marking and feedback from my tutors throughout the course was consistently speedy and helpful.

A distance learning course student
Melissa Maynard: proofreading and editing course

The course exceeded my expectations. I have no regrets, amazing!

The tutor support was excellent, I must commend my tutor Dr Rachel Finnegan.

She was the best! The content was very easy to follow, lots of information and activities.

A distance learning course student
Krista Luton: proofreading and editing course

The course exceeded my expectations. I wasn't expecting it to be so comprehensive.

The tutorial support was very good, my questions and assignments were answered and marked promptly.

I went from someone who knew practically nothing about proofreading and editing to someone feeling somewhat ready to get some employment in the field, so I learnt a lot!

A distance learning course student
Claire Gale: proofreading and editing course

I have been exceptionally impressed with the proofreading and editing course. The sequence of learning made sense and built new skills logically.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the course, the feedback and support, and most of all completed the course feeling ready to continue learning, enthused and ready to apply what I had learned.

I cannot fault my tutor and the clear time and investment ensuring I had personalised feedback. The course was brilliant.

A distance learning course student
Christopher Govier: proofreading and editing course

The course was well developed from those aspects of proofreading that I had anticipated in the course, to a much wider range of areas.

Rachel Finnegan was very helpful. Her responses to any questions and to assessing assignments were immediate and thorough.

A distance learning course student
Karen Forth: proofreading and editing course

It was excellent. It was very well organised and logical - covering the key skills needed. I learned much I didn't know, such as the importance of style guides. I discovered a new way of reading - word by word - something which I still need to practise.

I was very pleased with Julian's quick responses to my submission of assignments. I am VERY satisfied.

I thought the content was great - really practical and very helpful - covering the key skills, with lots of links to practice.

A distance learning course student
Frank Delon: Proofreading and editing course

I have enjoyed this course from A to Z. Its content was thorough and inspiring. I am convinced that it will substantially set in motion my career enhancement.

I have learnt how to become a responsible, professional proofreader and editor. Not only this course was informative, but it was above all in direct connection with the working environment.

A distance learning course student
Fanta Diakhate: Proofreading course

The course exceeded my expectations. Well structured with very useful and practical cases to study. The content was very concise.

I learned how to carefully check the information in each document that I intend to refer to in my writing, and in any external publication I want to publish.

A distance learning course student
Beverley Buxton: Proofreading and editing

I have always loved reading, and spelling and grammar are important to me. I am always correcting things I read, so thought I would apply for a certification to do it.

I was very pleased with how I progressed through the course, and enjoyed it. The support and encouragement I received from Julian Brouwer was great.

A distance learning course student
Debora Potgieter: Proofreading and editing course

The content was excellent and I will definitely use some of the websites referred to in the course in future.

The tutorial support was top-notch. The turnaround time is amazing and the comments given very helpful and encouraging. I have learned a lot and I can use the knowledge I have gained during the course in my role as an executive manager.

The course has taught me what is involved in different aspects of proofreading and copy editing. I was impressed with the breadth of coverage of the learning materials and tasks and the links provided to a range of useful websites.

The tutorial support was fantastic. Rachel was remarkably quick to respond to all queries and to provide feedback on assignments.

I love writing and it would be great for me to able to work from home in a freelance capacity.

I really enjoyed the course. It exceeded my expectations.
The content was very good. Thorough - new skills that will assist me as I move forward.

The course exceeded my expectations, I learned so much. I didn't realise how much goes in to proper proofreading, I particularly enjoyed the editing part.

Rachel, my tutor, was excellent. She marked my assignments quickly and provided really good feedback with constructive advice. I learned a lot from her. The content was very good.

The course was very well structured, I was able to complete lessons and assignments in my own time, and there was plenty of support. It has exceeded my expectations, right from the very first interactions.

The content was very well structured and easy to follow. The links to articles and other sites were especially useful. The course has taught me everything I could possibly need to know about proofreading and editing.

Highly professional tutorship. Learning material is very good, clear and easy to understand. If you do not study, you do not pass. This means that online learning is not "free". The support is rapid and efficient

In my case, the tutorial support was the best I could ever have. Professional, highly qualified, available and communicative.

I would say the course exceeded my expectations

Tutorial support: Excellent. Valuable comments and advice. Fast response. I learned to be thorough. Learned to assess strengths and weaknesses.

It was a thorough and well-paced coverage of the subject, and I learned a huge amount. Assignments were all marked quickly and the comments and suggestions really supported learning.

The course was thorough and although the assignments were short they fully tested my skill and knowledge. I always got a quick response when submitting an assignment and the feedback was very constructive and helpful.

The course refreshed and developed my knowledge of things I'd enjoyed in my younger days as a student. The tutor was very helpful, very fair in their assessments of my work, and very punctual with returning marked assignments.

Happily, I managed to secure regular work as a proofreader during the course, and this valuable real-world experience helped my progression in the course and gave me confidence for the future. It also meant the course more than paid for itself.

A distance learning course student
Matthew Fulton-Peebles

It was thoroughly interesting and provided very good lessons that were easy to follow and consistently engaging. The tutorial support was brilliant, with the feedback being particularly helpful!

It was brilliant! It met all my expectations. It was challenging, but very enjoyable. I couldn’t believe how quickly the tutor graded my work, and how detailed the feedback was. Thank you so much!

The course was set at the right level for both novices and those with prior experience. thought the content was very well-planned and presented. The tutorial support was excellent.

I wanted to ensure I had the most up-to-date proofreading and copy-editing skills prior to setting up a freelance business. The course exceeded my expectations. Both tutors were fast to respond and mark work.

This course touched all aspects and made me go back to the basics of grammar something I thought I didn't need. My feedback came in promptly with detailed explanations.

I can now proofread and edit significantly better and with more confidence.

The tutorial support was excellent. Professional, friendly, concise and prompt.

I was very impressed with the course materials and the speed that my assessments were returned to me from my tutor. The tutorial support and course content were excellent.

The course exceeded my expectations, I've learned a lot. The tutorial support was excellent. Tutors were effective and professional, and offered much-needed guidance. The content was precise and relevant.

This course surpassed my expectations: I was taught more than I expected, I educated myself more than I expected, I enjoyed it more than I expected, and I really was more interested than I expected to be. I’m so happy, I achieved a distinction.

I have been told I was good at proofreading and I wanted to reach a recognised standard. The course content was good. It is excellent that it is reviewed often in order to reflect realistic standards.

The course content was very comprehensive, better than other courses I have looked in to, prior to enrolling with CMP. The tutors were very informative and clear. They answered every question I had.

This course has provided me with all the basic and necessary knowledge and tools to start my way in the fields of proofreading and editing. The tutorial support was great and in my opinion, of the highest standard and quality.

The course was excellent overall and there was a lot of learning material which was really useful and will continue to be in the future too when I take up a job. I can always refer to the learning material whenever needed.

The course is excellent. Congratulations to all involved! It more than met my expectations. The course content was varied, intelligible, skilfully organised and presented, explicitly detailed and informative, with excellent link references.

The content was interesting and varied. I learned a lot about accuracy and the need for guidelines and consistency in any proofreading task. It was my first online course and I felt that it covered everything that I needed.

The course content, on the whole, was good. Very thorough. I learned all I needed to about proofreading and editing, from the traditional way of doing things to the more modern online editing.

The course more than met my expectations. I learned all the different ways of proofreading and editing and many aspects of it, including guidelines for many areas, from web pages to legal issues.

The course was above my expectations. It was fantastic and was extensive and challenging. My tutor, Jennie Harborth, was fantastic. She gave me a lot of help and advice and was always quick with a response.

I thought the course content was varied and interesting. Each lesson focuses on a different area of proofreading and editing. I was impressed with the tutorial support as I always had a quick response to any queries.

The course exceeded my expectations. It covered so many different aspects of proofreading and copy-editing, and also provided dozens of useful sources of information. The tutorial support was fantastic. The course content was really interesting.

The course surpassed my expectations. The tutorial support was beyond expectation and compare! Fast, thorough, very constructive and very supportive. I thought the content was excellent.

The course was a good challenge, and that is exactly something I had hoped for. It educated me well and more than I anticipated. Each lesson perfectly prepared me for each assignment. The tutorial support was fantastic.

The way I handle things at my workplace has improved a lot over a period of time because of this course. The course was perfect and I can’t ask for more. Cleland is a dedicated and supportive tutor who is interested in students’ success.

The course exceeded my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent - insightful and prompt. The course content was very detailed and presented fruitful challenges, which enhanced my knowledge and ability.

My experience of the course was wholly positive and I enjoyed every minute of it. At times I felt as though I was the only student, receiving limitless individual attention! The quality of tutorial support was fantastic.

The course exceeded my expectations. It was very comprehensive - definitely a great investment and great value for money too.

After the disappointment of doing a proofreading course through another distance learning provider, I was about ready to give up with learning proofreading. But I learned more in the first assignment than anything I had learned on my previous course.

I do not think the course could be improved. There is always help at hand if you are unsure or confused and the papers are marked incredibly quickly and there is always really good feedback.

I enrolled on the course to formalise my skills. It exceeded my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent: friendly, supportive and informed.

I recently completed the CMP proofreading and editing course and am now about to start their webediting course because I am so impressed with the outcome of the first one ...

The course exceeded my expectations. I had plenty of support from my tutor. His comments were invaluable. The content was extensive and well worth the money. I have already recommended the course to friends.

I really enjoyed the quick responses to the work that I sent in. I tried another distance learning course before this one, but being in South Korea meant it took a long time to send and receive work. I’m even thinking about taking another course!

Distance learning was so convenient, and the lack of deadlines meant I could work on it at my own pace at my own time ...

I enrolled as I wanted to learn a new skill and particularly a skill that could be done from home or online. I found the course to be very educational and enjoyable. The lessons were interesting and nicely prepared. The tutor was very helpful too.

The course was very thorough and detailed, with prompt marking and responses to my assignments.

I have recently completed the proofreading and editing course, and it was a very rewarding experience ...

A distance learning course student
Proofreading and editing course independent review

I learned so much in the past 10 months about proofreading and editing. This course has helped me to grow not only as a proofreader, but as a writer as well ...

It was very easy to do this course online, even in another country. My emails were always answered within hours and my coursework was marked very quickly. Communication was always pleasant and personal. I would definitely recommend the course to a friend.

I receive proofreading projects every week so I needed a methodology and guidance on how to proofread properly ...

I found the course very enjoyable. It was challenging, but knowing I had my tutor there if I needed her was great. I found my tutor, Jennie Harborth, very helpful and friendly. Her knowledge of the subject is huge.

This course exceeded all expectations. It was so in-depth, easy to understand and very interesting. The tutorial support was perfect. Help was always on hand. I really cannot fault this course. I learned everything I needed to know.

CMP were fantastic: incredibly helpful and understanding, guiding me and encouraging me so kindly that my depression disappeared and my self-esteem climbed. I cannot stress how much doing this course completely changed my life for the better.

The assignment marking was very fast, the tutor gave great feedback and advice, and I learned a lot of new things about writing. I also learned about copy-editing that I know will be valuable to my new career.

The course has more than met my expectations due to the speedy email responses and friendly, expert and detailed feedback on my assignments and queries. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the basics of proofreading and editing.

I am a professional translator and I did not know that there were so many aspects of proofreading. My questions were always responded to in a professional manner, and never once was I made to feel inadequate. Your advice and encouragement was invaluable.

I would recommend the CMP course to anyone with an interest in proofreading or editing. As well as providing me with valuable knowledge, the course has sharpened my eye for detail when proofreading all sorts of documents.

WOW! This proofreading course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at literature. I am looking forward to applying my new skills to my job and looking for new opportunities. Thank you, Cleland and CMP.

The tutorial support was great. Cleland answered any questions I had, and was very encouraging. If something needed more work, he would tell me how to improve, and he made me feel as though I was accomplishing well.

Cleland was very responsive to my emails, every question I had was answered quickly and in full. The course covered so many different areas of editing in so many different forms.

The course has exceeded my expectations. It has provided me with the necessary tools to work as a proofreader in the most professional and effective way. The material is designed and presented in a very approachable way.

The notes were very detailed and covered everything I needed to know for basic proofreading, so I did not need any tutorial support. The course was well structured and I learned so much. It was worth every penny.

It was an in-depth course, yet fairly easy to follow. It was also good to be able to work at my own pace, and I enjoyed the challenge. I found the course content varied and interesting. I would certainly recommend it!

Excellent course. Not only did it improve my skills, but also gave me excellent points of reference, such as websites. Tutorial support was very quick and very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I managed to secure work before the end of the course. I am currently editing a book due to be published in the autumn. This is proof that the CMP proofreading and editing course yields great results!

The course introduced me to proofreading and copy-editing in a clear, pleasant manner. It was actually quite enlightening. The content was diverse and reader-friendly. Would I recommend this course to a friend? ABSOLUTELY!

I enrolled to gain a comprehensive grasp of editing. The course was very good and went way above my expectations. My tutor, Cleland Thom, was the best guide and teacher I have ever had.

The course was very informative. I don't feel that there are any improvements that need to be made to it. It was very thorough, teaching me new skills which I will be able to use in all kinds of ways the future.

This was a great course for me. I liked the way the course was structured. I learned a lot of terminology and proofreading symbols, and even managed to improve my grammar, even though I used to think I knew it all!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would certainly recommend it to anyone. It was interesting and thoroughly engaging. The tutorial support was excellent. Whenever I needed any further information or advice, Cleland was on hand to help.

A distance learning course student
Natalie Artemis Polak

I would definitely recommend this course. The tutorial support was superb: very straightforward and honest. There was a good deal of constructive criticism, but always with positive reinforcement. Marked work was returned quickly.

It's been a great learning experience for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Cleland Thom and CMP have been very supportive and responsive to comments or queries. I would really recommend them!

I can honestly say I recommend this course! The content was excellent, easy to follow and full of insider tips. Within two days of passing, I took on my first two clients. I wish I had taken this course a lot earlier.

I loved this course. Answers to questions were almost instantaneous. I was especially pleased with the last lesson, which had so much advice and hints on how to get started in the field. I would certainly recommend it to a friend.

The tutor support from Cleland was excellent. The advice given was very clear and helpful. The course took me around three months to complete. I found the content very interesting, and it certainly met my expectations.

The course was thorough and the tutor support was excellent. I always felt comfortable asking questions and receiving knowledgeable answers. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. It covered everything I needed.

Cleland’s support was excellent, prompt, and friendly. The content provided me with the foundation to begin a proofreading service. Apart from teaching the fundamentals, it has honed my observation skills.

The tutorial support was excellent! Having sent my exercises in for comment, I was amazed at how quickly I got replies and feedback. I couldn't fault it and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

It was a good, comprehensive course. It provided a huge amount of information and many helpful websites. The style of tutoring was really helpful and encouraging at all times. I felt the tutor's criticisms were fair and justified.

Cleland is an exceptional tutor and the advice and support I got from him was incredible. I have always been interested in proofreading and have always enjoyed language and writing, so this course absolutely met my needs.

Emails were answered very swiftly. Whenever I was stuck or had a question, the tutor got straight back to me. I have gained an improved knowledge of English grammar and punctuation, as well as a professional approach to proofreading.


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