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Meet your tutor

Meet your tutor

You will have a personal tutor who will work with you during your course. To find out who your tutor is:

  • find your course in the table below
  • click ‘Find out more’ to find out about your tutor

Some courses have more than one tutor. If so, you will be told the name of your tutor when you submit your first query, or first assignment.

CourseTutorFind out more
BloggingIan CampbellFind out more
Business writingIan CampbellFind out more
CopywritingJustine Holman,
Lucy van Biljon
or Julian Brouwer
Justine: Find out more
Lucy: Find out more
Julian: Find out more
Creative writingJulian BrouwerFind out more
English writing skillsIan CampbellFind out more
Google SEOJennie HarborthFind out more
Proofreading and editingJulian Brouwer,
Rachel Finnegan
or Shuna Meade
Julian: Find out more
Rachel: Find out more
Shuna: Find out more
Public RelationsAndy CarterFind out more
Self publishingJennie Harborth Find out more
SEO content writingJustine Holman Find out more
Social media marketingAndy Carter
or Paul Clark
Andy: Find out more
Paul: Find out more
Web editingJulian Brouwer Find out more

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