A distance learning course studentFor some time, I’ve been looking to enhance my ability to write creatively. In particular, writing fiction is something I’ve always been keen to hone my skills in.

Some specific modules were tailored to fictional writing, and I enjoyed these. Many of the modules were related to writing newspaper articles which wasn’t necessarily what I had been looking to do, but found it very enjoyable nonetheless.

Julian was fantastic. I regularly received feedback in less time than the timescales given. His feedback was concise and clear on the returned and marked assignments. He was also readily available for messaging if and when I needed it. I would recommend Julian as a tutor to anyone in the future as well.

The course content was laid out into easy-to-follow modules which were bitesize enough to digest properly. The modules were well ordered and followed on from each other well. The majority of the course was focused on writing articles and heavily referenced The Guardian.

Most of my takeaway learning was around how to format well written articles, what to include (and to not include), and how to ensure that an article is properly organised.

Overall, I found the course informative and well-paced. As it focused more fiction writing than creative writing, it isn’t a course I would necessarily recommend for someone that wants to focus on writing stories. But if one was interested in how to also write articles, blogs, and reviews, I would definitely recommend it.

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