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Google SEO level 4 diploma

A highly effective SEO course for individuals and businesses

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Our Google SEO course shows you how to improve the ranking of your website or blog on the world’s largest and most popular search engine.

We teach the methods that we use ourselves to get to the coveted Google #1 spot – and stay there.

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All our other main search phrases appear in the top five of Google’s search results. These results have enabled us to scrap our AdWords budget and have transformed our business.

Our Google SEO course will show you how to improve your search results, using 100% trusted and ethical techniques. We teach you legitimate and effective ways to boost and maintain your ranking over the long term.

You will learn the factors that determine a website’s success. We also teach the importance of keywords and how to use them properly within your site’s content.

You will then develop an effective Google SEO strategy and learn how to integrate it with your social media activities.

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What will I learn?

Our comprehensive Google SEO course teaches you:

  • Ethical techniques to boost your ranking on a Google search results page.
  • How to analyse a website for strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to create SEO-friendly content that ranks well on Google.
  • The importance of inbound and outbound links and how they affect your Google ranking.
  • All about Google Analytics and why you should care about statistics.

You will benefit from unlimited tutor support from Jennie Harborth, who is a professional editor and SEO specialist. She will help you every step of the way.

She will also give you personal feedback on every assignment, answer your questions and provide expert careers guidance, so you get the very best out of the course.

When you graduate, you will receive the ABC Awards level 4 diploma in Google SEO. It proves you are a qualified SEO specialist. ABC Awards is regulated by Ofqual.


Our Google SEO course has been independently endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme. So, when you finish, you will receive the ABC Awards level 4 diploma in Google SEO, and a learner unit summary. This lists the subjects you have studied.

The ABC diploma guarantees that you have been assessed at level 4 standards, and are competent to practise. ABC Awards is a leading national awarding body, and is regulated by Ofqual.

In addition, you will receive the fully accredited CMP diploma in Google SEO, which is recognised in the UK and beyond. It proves you are a qualified SEO specialist.

These awards will equip you to apply for SEO and social media jobs, learn new skills to use at work or find freelance work.

Google SEO course tutor: Jennie Harborth

Proofreader | editor | blogger | web builder

As a Google SEO course learner, you will work 1-2-1 with Jennie Harborth, who is a professional editor and SEO specialist.

Jennie is an experienced website developer with a proven track record of effective SEO.

She has played a significant role in getting CMP’s courses to the top of Google.

Her students often say they appreciate the lengths she goes to in order to help them.

She will mentor you, mark your assignments, and give you expert advice.

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Google SEO course subjects

This vocational course covers every aspect of Google SEO. Each lesson includes a practical assignment, based on real-world SEO.

Every assignment is personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll receive expert feedback on your progress.

Who is this course for?

Our Google SEO course is suitable for over-16s of all abilities.

We regularly work with:

  • Anyone who wants to improve their website’s position on the Google search results page.
  • Businesses and organisations who want potential customers to find them easily when they search.
  • Bloggers who need to increase their site traffic and become an authority in their niche.
  • Freelancers who want to stand out from the competition by using proven, effective SEO techniques.

We have an excellent reputation working with disabled learners, and people who are housebound or terminally ill.

Access to our resources library

You will have free and unlimited access to our extensive resources library. It contains downloadable podcasts, videos, ebooks and tips files to help your career.

This is in addition to your comprehensive course materials and tutor support.

International students

You can study this online course wherever you live. We have students in more than 100 countries. And you can trust us, as we are accredited by two international accrediting bodies:

Both organisations promote excellence in worldwide online study, so international students can verify our quality before they enrol.


Accreditation and quality

We comply with the very highest external standards. We are:

Each organisation has its own standards, code of practice and complaints procedure, so you can enrol with complete confidence.

CMP Charter Mark

The Charter Mark is our benchmark of educational quality. We award it to graduates who have also demonstrated they can work professionally in the online environment.

The Charter Mark gives employers the confidence that candidates applying for jobs or freelance work have received accredited training and independent assessment. And it gives learners credibility in the competitive world of SEO.

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