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We have hundreds of genuine reviews from satisfied learners who have completed one of our online courses. You can read them below.

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I wanted to change my career path. My expectations were highly exceeded! The support was fantastic. The content was easy to understand and enlightening.

I learnt the ins and outs of proofreading and the most effective way of editing.

The course fully met my expectations, in teaching me the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to work freelance. My tutor was very friendly and approachable, and her tone was always supportive and encouraging.

My interest has deepened and I now know for certain that this is what I want to do.

I've done some online training for my professional development as a teacher and while pleased overall with those trainings, I often found some of the work less than engaging or somewhat contrived. Not the case with this copywriting course. Really impressed with the quality of this course.

The tutor’s expertise was clear from the start because of the detailed feedback she gave.

The course covered ALL relevant areas in full. Compared to other courses available, this one is very much up to date and relevant.

I particularly enjoyed having a mentor, together with the additional material provided in the modules which linked to other useful websites.

I'm a published author but I also have a seasonal day job. The course met every expectation incredibly well.

The feedback I received was helpful and my tutor was always fast to respond.

I now feel confident that I can accept work to edit and proofread novels, which is exactly what I hoped for.

I wanted to gain more knowledge and receive a qualification for what I do. It was very good - made you think deeper into the assignments.

I learned about assessing the entire marketing area rather than just focussing on a post.

The course was very thorough and easily accessible. Excellent lessons - explained easily to understand, concise, and at a pace I could manage.

The tutorial support was very good! Always a quick turnaround with marking and always there to answer queries and questions. It was all really good.

The course was thorough and gave plenty of extra tips and information to help me with the studying.

The tutorial support was excellent, with encouragement and helpful advice for each assignment.

I enrolled to help improve my writing and to have something to put on my CV to show that I am working on making myself better.

It really helped - well rounded and great information. My tutor Mitch Larney was great.

The course was amazing. It covered everything I expected.

The tutor support makes the course outstanding. Excellent feedback given in a timely manner. The course content went beyond what I was expecting.

I learned a lot on this course. I couldn't have wished for better guidance.

It covered all types of proofreading and editing which will help me in the future. The course was well explained, too.

The course was engaging and offered a range of lesson topics. Dr Rachel Finnegan was very prompt with her feedback, it was detailed, constructive and very easy to understand where you went wrong and how to improve.

The course covered the range of topics essential when starting out in the proofreading and editing field.

The content was informative, straightforward, and provided useful links to additional resources.

Also, the course introduced me to other aspects of proofreading/copy-editing (ie, academic).

My tutor was helpful, friendly, and provided great feedback.

A distance learning course student
Luke Towning

I wanted to get better at writing for sales and possibly look at a career as a copywriter.

The course was great. It gave me a very good understanding in a structured, easy-to-follow way.

I wanted to learn tricks of the trade and different styles of writing. This course definitely accomplished that!

It was great that I could learn at my own pace.

The online support was good. The lessons were clear, varied and interesting.

Stefania Trinchero

The course absolutely met my expectations and I really learnt a lot.

Justine Holman was always really helpful and supportive, she answered on time to all my questions and gave interesting suggestions and tips.

The course was just perfect for me.

The course was engaging and enjoyable, and offered excellent resources, both while learning and for the post-course job search.

My tutor, Dr Rachel Finnegan, was always on hand to answer any questions I had, and offer guidance where required in excellent time. My assignments were usually returned to me within 24 hours.

A distance learning course student
Colleen Kaluza: proofreading and editing course

I got my money's worth, for sure! Dr Rachel Finnegan was a great tutor and gave me good feedback.

I never had to wait too long for a reply to any queries, or for my work to be graded. Being able to communicate with the tutor online, was a big plus.

The course content was thorough and easy to comprehend.

A distance learning course student
Joyce Challis: proofreading and editing course

Excellent course, a very high standard. Good learning materials and challenging assignments addressing the different aspects of editing.

Excellent tutorial support. Assignments marked very thoroughly and useful feedback given to improve on skills and progress.

Maddalena Marzola: proofreading and editing course

I was very satisfied with the way the course is presented and the way lessons and assignments are dealt with. Topics are presented clearly and pragmatically.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my tutor - I never had to wait more than a couple of hours. Even assignments have always been corrected overnight.

A distance learning course student
Heather Turner: proofreading and editing course

The course was very comprehensive and covered a great deal, exceeding my expectations.

My tutor Rachel Finnegan was extremely supportive, always responding quickly to my queries.

The course is great, covering all relevant areas comprehensively and equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need.

A distance learning course student
Rebecca Price: travel journalism course

I learned that I can actually sit down and write an article or feature, and don't need to sit for a week in fear staring at a blank page.

It really gave me confidence with my writing both generically and for specific purposes. I really enjoyed it.

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