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We have hundreds of genuine reviews from satisfied learners who have completed one of our online courses. You can read them below.

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A distance learning course student
Christopher Govier: proofreading and editing course

The course was well developed from those aspects of proofreading that I had anticipated in the course, to a much wider range of areas.

Rachel Finnegan was very helpful. Her responses to any questions and to assessing assignments were immediate and thorough.

A distance learning course student
Karen Forth: proofreading and editing course

It was excellent. It was very well organised and logical - covering the key skills needed. I learned much I didn't know, such as the importance of style guides. I discovered a new way of reading - word by word - something which I still need to practise.

I was very pleased with Julian's quick responses to my submission of assignments. I am VERY satisfied.

I thought the content was great - really practical and very helpful - covering the key skills, with lots of links to practice.

Amy Tuscher: Sports Journalism course

The course went above and beyond my expectations, the tutors are so helpful and very quick to respond. The lessons on the course were all very interesting and broken down into easily understandable sections.

The tutors were all exceptional, friendly and so knowledgeable but able to put across any information to allow me to understand what was needed if I had a question.

Neil Burnip: Proofreading and editing course

The course was superb in every way. Do not enrol with any other course provider. Julian Brouwer was fantastic. He supported me in every way, and answered all my questions - instantly.

I didn't just learn what I needed to know, the course was a great adventure in itself.

A distance learning course student
Heather Fadida: Self-publishing course

I enjoyed the editing course and was impressed with the company.

Tutorial support was prompt, professional, friendly, and encouraging, and the content was excellent.

I learned how to achieve my dream.

Carolina Benjumea: Fashion journalism course

I've always been interested in fashion, so I wanted to learn how to treat fashion news.

The course gave me a very complete knowledge on how to treat fashion news properly, giving them the right and fair treatment.

The tutorial support was really good.

A distance learning course student
Pauline Cordell: Copywriting course

The course was excellent from enrolment to completion. The entire team were very helpful and always responded quickly to queries.

The fact that the tutors are all experienced industry professionals added a weight to the course content and feedback.

The tutor support was first class. Second to none.

A distance learning course student
Caroline McCormack: Copywriting course

I wanted to improve my writing skills and learn more about the skills required as a copywriter. My ultimate aim to offer services to SMEs.

My tutor provided practical and critical advice and support, all of which have made me a better content writer.

A distance learning course student
Andrew McIntosh: Copywriting course

The course was very well balanced and pretty wide-ranging. It's made me keen to drill down further into several of the sub-topics.

I learned that you NEVER finish learning good grammar! What the underlying tenets of good copywriting are, irrespective of style / tone of voice. I've gained a fascination with SEO, and its constantly changing nature.

A distance learning course student
Christine Robinson: Webwriting course

Our NHS department is creating a website with blogs from staff about our work. The course helped me to think about my writing style and work on improving it.

Excellent feedback from the tutor. The opportunity to produce pieces of writing and receive detailed feedback has made the course worthwhile.

Coline Milliard: Proofreading and editing

The course was fantastic. I learnt a lot and definitely feel much more confident now.

The tutors were great: quick responses, courteous and on point. I couldn't have wished for anything more.

Kevin Taylor Copywriting course

For me the course was 100% and doesn't need any improvement. It exceeded my expectations in terms scope, writing for different audiences and formats. It has really given me 'food for thought' in terms of developing a career in this area.

Tutorial support was excellent and timely. The feedback was invaluable.

A distance learning course student
Amy Deakin: Copywriting course

I was able to directly apply my learning to my own work and develop new SEO article writing skills.

The tutorial support was very helpful, constructive and timely in responding to queries and marking assignments. My tutor helped me fix issues swiftly and provided encouraging feedback. The content was generally easy to understand, practical and applicable to my current role.

Christina Clover: Copywriting course

I wanted to brush up my copywriting skills to pursue a career in the industry.

The course was interesting, and I learned a lot. The modules were easy to understand, and the assignments provided an opportunity to write real-world pieces.

Justine was a great tutor. She was always supportive.

A distance learning course student
Frank Delon: Proofreading and editing course

I have enjoyed this course from A to Z. Its content was thorough and inspiring. I am convinced that it will substantially set in motion my career enhancement.

I have learnt how to become a responsible, professional proofreader and editor. Not only this course was informative, but it was above all in direct connection with the working environment.

Lesley Mager: Copywriting course

It was an excellent course and went a lot further than expected. I also didn't realise how much I would enjoy it. Justine was very supportive and gave good feedback on all the assignments it was a pleasure to work with her.

I covered a lot more different types of copywriting than I expected. It was also a lot of fun.

A distance learning course student
Fanta Diakhate: Proofreading course

The course exceeded my expectations. Well structured with very useful and practical cases to study. The content was very concise.

I learned how to carefully check the information in each document that I intend to refer to in my writing, and in any external publication I want to publish.

A distance learning course student
Diane Norman: Copywriting course

It has taught me how to write most forms of copy for both print media and the web. It has also given me a lot of information about the business of copywriting and working as a freelance copywriter.

The tutorial support was fantastic. Justine Holman answered my queries within a couple of days and gave me useful guidance.

Jodi Turpin: Google SEO course

It was very detailed and useful - I feel that I can confidently carry out SEO as part of my daily tasks within my job role.

Jennie was extremely helpful and always provided excellent feedback on all assignments. She gave me the confidence to work hard on the course and reap the benefits.

Josephine Obiyomi: Proofreading and editing course

The course exceeded my expectations. I got more than I asked for. It's worth paying for. I have a feeling that I have been prepared adequately to face whatever challenges that come my way in my chosen profession.

The tutorial support was fantastic! Dr Rachel Finnegan was never tired of answering my questions. The course content was great. It was appropriate and well-structured.

Tanya Bailey

It exceeded my expectations! I always received prompt and excellent communication and feedback. The lesson material seemed well planned and thought through and current.

It covered many areas and I found the text and guidelines accessible and easy to understand. The assignments were very practical.

Alessandra Martelli: Copywriting course

I wanted to round up hands-on experience with a structured course, to polish my skills The course fully met my expectations.
Justine was very helpful, and feedback was useful.

The course covers all the basics, and content is presented clearly.

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