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NQJ online refresher course: start preparing now!

100% pass rates in 2016

NQJ refresher course newspaper imageClaim your free ebook: Five vital steps to boost your career

You can avoid the last-minute cram by starting our NQJ digital refresher course now.

Our pass rates have been between 10 and 50 per cent better than the national average for the past 15 years.

No other course provides such comprehensive 1-2-1 coaching.

Why online?

It's more effective. That's why our success rates are so high.

We prepare trainees for the NQJ over a four week period.

This gives us the time to work on their weaknesses, deal with queries, and provide regular shorthand practice.

We set four mock exams in each subject, and mark them to exam standard. Then trainees have the time to go through our feedback and consolidate, before doing the next one.

This achieves better results than a three-day cram session.

What we provide:

  • tips files that include our proven marks-boosting techniques
  • a unique preparation strategy to start using now
  • four mock exams in each of the three NQJ exam subjects. 
  • four weeks of shorthand coaching
  • live chat with your tutor if needed
  • input into the portfolio

Your tutorCleland Thom

Your tutor will be Cleland Thom

He has 25 years experience coaching people for the NQJ / NCE.

He is recognised as one of the country's most successful and experienced NQJ tutors.


£565+VAT per candidate.

You can also sign up for individual subjects: £185 + VAT each.

To enrol or enquire:


Previous clients

  • Leicester Mercury
  • Manchester Evening News
  • Cambridge First
  • Derby Evening Telegraph
  • Welwyn Times
  • Brentwood Gazette
  • Maidenhead Advertiser
  • Islington Gazette
  • Hampstead and Highgate Express
  • Essex Chronicle
  • Hunts Post
  • Kent and Sussex Courier
  • Sevenoaks Chronicle
  • Chichester Observer
  • East Grinstead Gazette
  • Worthing Herald
  • Ely Standard
  • Henley Standard
  • Aldershot News
  • Camberley News
  • Esher News and Mail
  • Slough and Windsor Observer
  • Herts Mercury
  • Kentish Times
  • Yellow Advertiser
  • Gwent Gazette
  • INS News Service
  • The West Briton

Client feedback

‘I was very impressed by the tuition. It has been a great help. Cleland explains difficult areas well, especially with law.’

‘A very good course – miles better than one I did last year before failing all three exams…’

‘This course was really valuable. The teaching style was effective, friendly and easy to listen to. The feedback on mock exams is a great way to discover your weaknesses and improve.’

‘The information given was very clear and concise and made me feel much more confident about taking the exams. It would be hard to imagine doing them without this course. The feedback was helpful and has given me tips to use in the exams.’

‘A very good course and I would recommend it to others.’

‘There is absolutely no way I would have been in with a chance of passing the NCE without this course.’

‘A very good course which I found extremely useful – it´s a pity it wasn´t longer.’

‘An exceptional course, both in terms of the quality and relevance of the training.’

‘This course really sharpened my mind! Problems were pointed out and I noticed a definite improvement in my work.’

‘Now I know what I need to focus on to pass. Thanks!’

‘Thank you for all your hard work in helping me pass the exams! I would not have done it without you.’

‘We all passed! We could not have done it without you!’

‘I feel much more confident now. The course covered everything I needed to know, questions were welcomed and there was lots of time for practice!’

‘I now feel I have improved as a reporter and I am in better shape.’

‘A very useful course. I have a clear idea now of what the exams entail.’

‘Very intensive, but very useful.’

‘Exceptional course, both in quality and relevance of training.’

‘Very useful course. I feel far more confident of passing now.’

‘Very helpful and relevant .’

‘Extremely useful – exceptional in all respects.’

‘A very concise workshop which included all the relevant law and vital tips that will help me pass.’

‘Really useful – I know that this course will help me to pass the exams.’

Claim your free ebook: Five vital steps to boost your career

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