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The best cloud storage solutions for online learning students

By Jane Sandwood

Being a student on an online course is very rewarding, but it can also be challenging at times. Whether you're studying a journalism course, proofreading course or copywriting course, you will be expected to have good studying and organisation habits to get through your coursework.

Online courses involve a lot of writing, and therefore a lot of documents. It's important to organise your work in the most effective way possible, therefore avoiding unexpected loss of data.

Simply saving your work on a USB pen drive is usually not the best method, as USB drives can easily be lost. This is especially important for our proofreading course students, as it prepares them with good habits for the future.

An effective solution for the modern student is represented by cloud storage systems. They not only make losing work practically impossible but also allow for a number of useful features, such as sharing and collaborating on shared documents.

The benefits of cloud storage with online courses

The benefits of cloud storage are many and compare favourably to traditional document storage methods used up to now, such as USB drives or hard drives.

Cloud storage creates a copy of your work on the internet which is practically impossible to lose, as it can only be deleted by those who have permission to delete. It is also possible to create multiple copies or download extra copies for backup, just in case.

This can be especially helpful if you're a copywriting course student, and need to keep work safe for future job interviews.

Furthermore, content is accessible anywhere and from any device, allowing you to take your work everywhere. If for some reason internet access is not available in a certain location, it is usually possible to make documents available offline as well.

Cloud storage offers reliable collaboration options, which makes it easy to work on shared assignments with other students as changes and edits are usually saved automatically, making it unnecessary to send the document back and forth between various parties.

Here are our top storage systems, which are perfect for students studying online courses.

1. Dropbox

Considered by many to be the best cloud storage system, the basic Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage. Which is plenty for documents, but not so much if you're planning on storing videos and photos.

You can increase it free of charge up to 16GB by linking your social media accounts to Dropbox and asking friends to join the service. The system has over 500 million users, it's a favourite thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to collaborate on pretty much anything.

When a file is modified, it is automatically updated and the file, though not encrypted, is accessible from any device, no matter where you are.

2. Google Drive

Students on a budget should definitely take advantage of the 15GB provided by Google Drive for free. After the 15GB it is necessary to upgrade to a paid plan, although Google Drive's pricing is very competitive.

Furthermore, anything you create in Google Docs, which also comes with strong collaboration and sharing features, does not count toward the storage limit. Google Drive boasts free mobile apps available for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets, as well as a very strong collaboration and sharing system and a feature for encrypting stored data.

3. SugarSync

Though not as famous as the previously mentioned cloud storage systems, SugarSync has been around since 2008 and is based in California. It's a simple service, with no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and it gets it done well.

You have all the features you need, such as easy file access and file sharing, and it is the service of choice by numerous big tech brands such as SanDisk and Lenovo.

4. pCloud

This system's best feature is its ease of use, which makes it the number one choice for over 6 million users.

It doesn't take up any physical space on your desktop computer and has all the features a media and publishing college student needs, such as syncing, collaboration and overall security. You can access all your files easily on any device, making collaboration with others a breeze.

Cloud storage is the future

Most likely, online cloud data storage will continue to assert itself as the norm in the future, as the benefits of these solutions are too obvious to ignore. Students will probably be taught how to use these systems way before they reach college. get a good head start and begin using these systems now to create, edit and share your work!

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