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The lessons and completed assignments arrived in a timely fashion and the honest feedback was very helpful. I think the content is extremely relevant to the current global journalism environment.

The course itself was brilliant, as was the course material and the tutor support. It was great how flexible it was. My tutor was fantastic; he really helped when I needed it and was there to encourage and motivate me.

The course was simple and straightforward, it is made in such a way that one could understand without difficulty. I have been getting more endorsements and job offers even before I finished the course, which is exactly what I was looking for.

The course was better than expected, with real life assignments to complete. Very helpful feedback that was both constructive and informative. I enjoyed the course so much.

Communication was first class and very quick - sometimes within the hour. The tutorial support was second to none. The course content was spot on - it could not have been improved.

Undertaking the course has helped me a lot. Tutors have responded in time which made it much easier for me to complete the course. CMP brought me to understand the modern media world.

I love writing and have always wanted to do something within journalism. I loved the course! I think it is systematic, well organised, and provides a good working knowledge to novices like myself.

Tutors are much more pleasant and experienced than editors. I would strongly recommend this diploma to those who want to build their careers in journalism. The diploma has added immense values to my job resume and professional skills.

I needed to develop my writing skills so I could start working in multimedia journalism. This course was perfect for me. I learned how to improve my content for multimedia channels.

The content was interesting and relevant. I picked up lots of tips for self-promotion and learned some interesting facts about the blogging world to be aware of.

The course more than met my expectations. I suspect it has permanently altered the ways in which I look at the world and the media. The tutorial support was excellent. Very helpful. A superb back-up to the well designed content.

I have always had an interest in journalism and decided to take it further. I don’t think the course could have been improved upon. The lessons were sent quickly when requested and in many cases coursework was marked in one day.

A distance learning course student
Natalie Artemas-Polak

The course very much met my expectations. The tutorial support was super. The support was very straightforward and honest. There was a good deal of constructive criticism, but always with positive reinforcement.

I did this course as I wanted to stay at home with my baby and study at the same time. It was a great experience and I recommend it. Could the course have been improved? No, it is perfect as it is.

I was working for a journalism website, but needed to gain the necessary qualifications. I came to CMP and learned a lot as well as passing my NCTJ exams. I would recommend this course to anyone who is working in online media.

This course definitely changed my life! Starting my own blog was a high moment in my career so far. It was selected by RCA to promote Beyoncé's new album! I exclusively released tracks and quotes from Beyoncé until her new album "4" was released.

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