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A distance learning course student
Nick Mitchell

The tutorial support was excellent. Jennie was always very responsive, gives great feedback, is open to questions and always provides useful links and resources to back up her feedback.

The course content was very good. I now have a much better understanding of SEO and all of the intricate details which are involved in developing my SEO strategy.

The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was invaluable and the support from the tutor was first class.

The learning material was clear and concise, and my tutor's feedback and comments were incredibly detailed and provided lots of added value to my understanding

It was very detailed and useful - I feel that I can confidently carry out SEO as part of my daily tasks within my job role.

Jennie was extremely helpful and always provided excellent feedback on all assignments. She gave me the confidence to work hard on the course and reap the benefits.

A distance learning course student
Jasmine Johal

I enrolled because I wanted to become SEO independent and not rely on my webmaster anymore. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

The tutorial support I received from Jennie Harboth was friendly, approachable and very supportive. I cannot think of any way to improve this course, I feel it's fantastic the way it is.

A distance learning course student
Andrew Baskott

The course more than met my expectations. It was very comprehensive and made me realise there was much more to SEO than I had originally thought.

A distance learning course student
Yvette Marrier d’Unienville

The tutorial support was excellent. 10/10. I cannot thank Jennie enough for her excellent tutoring.

Overall, the course was excellent. It exceeded my expectations.

A distance learning course student
James Verstringhe

I enrolled to learn more about SEO and how to optimise online web content, in particular blogs and articles.

The course was extremely good, especially the tutor who went out of her way to help and provide additional information. She was extremely responsive.

A distance learning course student
Susanne Lewis

This course exceeded expectations. My tutor, Jennie Harborth has been absolutely brilliant.

I learned how to optimise our website for search engines, how to monitor our website’s performance and most importantly how to go about creating SE-Optimised content.

I learned not only how to how to improve the website for our school. I also learned how to continue to ask questions and find the answers online. Enabling me to become an ongoing, autonomous online learner is the most important contribution that this course has made to my life.

A distance learning course student
Mollie Powles

I enrolled on this course to gain a proper foundation of knowledge so that I can start implementing effective SEO strategy in our company's daily marketing responsibilities.

The course completely exceeded my expectations! Jennie is a fantastic tutor, and very approachable. Thoroughly impressed and would definitely recommend.

I’ve completed a number of distant learning courses and this stands out as one of the best. The material was easy to digest and understand, the support was there when I needed it and I now feel confident and equipped to tackle SEO projects for my team and our clients.

The course exceeded my expectations, it is an amazing course and I learned so much. My tutor Jennie was amazing, she was so helpful and if I ever needed advice or help with an assignment she did her very best to help me. She was a lovely, friendly lady to work with.

A distance learning course student
Suneil Barkat

I learned the techniques needed to optimise sites and online resources that I never knew were there. The content was descriptive and supplement links were also provided that covered topics in more length. I thought the course was fantastic.

I loved this course as it has given me exactly what I wanted. It was informative and not pushy, so I could learn in my own time. The tutor and services team were fantastic, always replying to my emails and talking to me in a language I could understand.

I enrolled to get a good all round knowledge of all aspects of SEO. The course entirely met my expectations. I learned all aspects of SEO from the basics to more advanced techniques. The tutorial support was excellent.

The course provided an in-depth yet easily understandable insight in to the various aspects of SEO.

Jolanta Beitnaraite

I learned more than I expected. I didn’t know a lot of simple tricks for the website’s ranking in Google. It is really, really useful knowledge. The course administration and communication were excellent. And the tutorial support was really good.

Daniel Deacon

I now know what to do to make my copy stand out on the web. The course was broken down and explained usefully, so I appreciated that. Getting positive comments boosted my confidence, as writing is one area that I’ve always been self-critical about.

Robert Kardos

I cannot thank CMP enough. Thanks to their course, my site is now number one on Google. It was not even listed before I started. It has made a big difference to my business, with many new clients.


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