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Accredited English writing skills diploma

English writing skills level 3 diploma

Course summary

£294.50 incl VAT. Payment options
3 monthly payments of £98.16. No charges, interest or credit checks.
Ian Campbell
Proficient written English.
Duration / hours:
Approximately 50-60 hours of study. You work at your own pace.
ABC Awards level 3 diploma
Awarding body:
ABC awards

Course review

Hotcourses review: better writing course

The course was well structured and offered a fantastic range of modules compared to other colleges ...

Hotcourses review: better writing course

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Course overview

Better writing course studentOur comprehensive level 3 English writing skills course is specifically designed for people who want to improve their written English. 

This course equips you with the skills to write accurately, concisely and fluently. 

We all need to produce written documents and correspondence on a daily basis.

If you would like to raise the standard of your written work, our online English writing skills course can help!

While our course is open to everyone who wants to improve their written English, it is particularly suitable if you are:

  • required to write as part of your job
  • sending out CVs and cover letters to potential employers
  • a student at college or university
  • learning English as a second language

Starting with the basics of spelling, grammar and sentence structure, we guide you through the whole writing process.

We teach you how to eliminate jargon and streamline your writing, so you say more with fewer words!

You will also learn techniques to make sure all your written content conveys the right meaning.

You will benefit from full tutor support every step of the way, and will have the opportunity to practice lots of different types of writing through our focused assignments. Each assignment you complete will be marked and graded by your course tutor, with in-depth feedback. 

Our comprehensive English writing skills course will teach you how to:

  • compose professional written correspondence, such as letters, emails and reports
  • accurately summarise documents for a variety of purposes
  • spot and correct errors in your work
  • write focused, persuasive and user-friendly web content

When you graduate, you will receive the ABC awards certificate of achievment, and the accredited CMP diploma in English writing. Both qualifications are industry recognised, and prove your written English skills are of a recognised standard.

Course subjects | Qualification

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ABC awards logoAt the end of this course, successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards, and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the subjects they have completed as part of the course.

This English writing skills course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme

We will also email you the fully accredited CMP diploma in English writing skills, which is an industry recognised qualification that guarantees that your written English skills are of a recognised standard.

These awards will enable you to add value to your CV, develop your career, and prove your written English skills are of a recognised standard.

How does the course work?

Our courses are delivered online. This means you can study at a pace you're completely comfortable with and fit your course around your lifestyle.

You'll also benefit from having a personal course tutor who will mark your assignments, answer your questions and give helpful and friendly advice.

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Course subjects

Each assignment will be personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you'll be recieving in-depth, expert feedback at each stage of the course.

Lesson 01: An introduction to English writing
  • How to write attractive and effective text
  • Write with your reader in mind
Lesson 02: Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Use techniques and resources to improve your spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Use appropriate and adaptable English grammar in your writing
Lesson 03: Expressing information accurately
  • Analyse words and phrases to convey the correct meaning
  • Apply techniques to ensure written content is accurate
Lesson 04: Avoiding jargon
  • Define what jargon is and how to avoid it
  • Identify appropriate and inappropriate uses of jargon
  • Write words, phrases and sentences to eliminate jargon
Lesson 05: Writing for the web
  • Learn skills that make web content relevant, focused and easy to read
  • Write effective web content
Lesson 06: Writing effective emails
  • Explain the problems that emerge when writing and handling emails
  • Apply email etiquette
  • Use techniques that will make emails consistent, effective and readable
Lesson 07: Letters and correspondence
  • State why etiquette is important when writing business letters
  • List the main points of etiquette needed for business letters
  • Build the content of a letter from a skeleton
  • Write an effective covering letter for a job application
Lesson 08:  Writing summaries
  • Identify when summaries are useful
  • Prepare a document for summarising
  • Reduce the number of words and prioritise the facts in a summary
Lesson 09: Persuasive writing
  • When persuasive writing skills are needed
  • Apply effective persuasive writing techniques
Lesson 10: Writing reports
  • Why reports are used
  • What most reports contain
  • Plan, structure and write an effective a report
Lesson 11: Proofreading your work
  • Effective techniques for checking your work
  • Proofread your work on screen

How long will it take?

The duration of this course is approximately 60-80 hours. You fit these hours in whenever is best for you.

We offer complete flexibility, with no deadlines or time limits. This means you can study at a pace that you're completely comfortable with, and fit the course around your lifestyle.

On average, people take around three months to complete this course, but it doesn't matter if you take longer, each learner is different.

There are no set start dates. You can enrol and begin studying whenever suits you.

Course tutor: Ian CampbellSubediting course tutor: Ian Campbell

Editor | subeditor | writer | journalist

MEN Media |Trinity Mirror |Liverpool Daily Post 

We provide you with a personal tutor who will mentor you through the course, mark your assignments, and give you expert advice whenever you need it.

All our tutors are professionals who are still working in their sectors. They will be there to help you every step of the way. And you can contact them whenever you need to.

Our English writing skills course tutor is Ian Campbell.

He has been involved in writing throughout his career. 

As a journalist, he developed a strong command of English grammar, spelling and punctuation and the ability to write clearly, concisely and with the reader in mind.

As a member of management, he became skilled in writing effective memos, reports, emails and other documents to directors and management team members.

Ian will mark your work, answer your questions and give you friendly help and advice.

More about Ian


How you could benefit from better English writing skills

Are your writing skills holding you back?

Our English writing skills course will teach you how to produce professional letters, emails, CV and other written communications.

One of our successful graduates left us a review on Hotcourses, saying that they thought our English writing skills course was "well- structured and offered a fantastic range of modules". They would recommend the course to "anyone who wants to get good results: in business, study, and their personal lives". See the full review

With improved writing skills, you could:

  • boost your employability by sending out impressive CVs and cover letters
  • write concise, effective and jargon-free business communications
  • give yourself the competitive edge by producing professional-quality reports and winning web copy
  • express your ideas on paper with confidence

Previous student, Justin Stainton, learned lots of writing techniques to use in his day job. See his review

If you feel as though the standard of your writing is letting you down, our comprehensive English writing skills course will help you move forward, personally and professionally.

Student discount card

Our copywriting course enables you to get an NUS student discount card, enabling you to save money on more than 170 brands across the UK.

You can get 10% off at the Co-op, 5% off at Amazon, 10% off at Superdrug, 10% off at New Look, and 20% off at WH Smith. Plus many more. 



Course delivery

You will have access to our Online Learning Area, where you can:

  • download course materials
  • submit assignments
  • use our college libraries and resources
  • chat to other students
  • keep up-to-date with college news

Our turn-around time for marking work is three working days. We usually provide same-day tutorial support on weekdays.

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When you finish

When you complete the course, you will receive two respected qualifications:

These recognised awards will add value to your CV, and help when you apply for writing jobs or freelance work.

What you need to study English writing skills

  • access to a computer, tablet or similar device
  • internet access
  • Microsoft Word or equivalent: OpenOffice, iWork pages
  • an email account

Course reviews

Hotcourses review: better writing courseI decided to take this course because I wanted to develop a skill set to show potential employers. I completed my course within 15 months with a distinction grade. I was able to work at my own pace and fit my studies to my lifestyle. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to get good results: in business, study, and their personal lives. Hotcourses review

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