Why we teach basic SEO on our copywriting course


Copywriters are expected to know about search engine optimisation (SEO) these days, so our copywriting course covers the basics. These are some of the more common questions that our online copywriting course students ask about SEO.

What are article directories?

These are websites that host hundreds of articles on all kinds of subjects. One of the most popular is Article Base

Businesses create an account, and post articles containing links to their websites. Members of the public enjoy reading the articles, and the businesses benefit from the links back to their websites.

You can see other article directory sites here

How do article directories work?

You create an account, and start submitting articles. Many have criteria as to who can write, and the types of articles they use. Most of them moderate articles before they accept them.

What is keyword stuffing?

This is when websites use search words and search phrases repeatedly within the copy. They hope it will benefit their search engine results. The practice is counter-productive, though – Google penalises it.

How does Google penalise keyword stuffing?

Sites that use keyword stuffing usually find they drop down the search results, and may find themselves blacklisted by Google.

Did the latest Google algorithm update mean that online article directories no longer affect SEO page rankings?

This is debatable. Google claimed that article directories no longer benefited search results. But many businesses have found that this was not the case. Their results improve when they post them … and drop when they don’t.

How do you make a website Google friendly?

This is what Google recommends

Google rewards relevant, well written and accurate copy. Time for a proofreading course, perhaps?

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