Here are more tips on persuasive writing, taken from our copywriting course

This time, a practical exercise. Look through your email Sent items, and find an email where you had to persuade someone to do something.

Maybe you asked for a pay rise, applied for a job, or invited someone out for meal.

Next – rewrite it, using more passion, conviction and emotion.

Compare the two. Why do you think the second version is more effective? List three points, and make sure you embrace them next time you have to use your powers of persuasion.

You may also find these tips helpful:

  1. Get the basics right first – establish: a) who you are writing to b) what you are using to write: email? letter? c) your relationship with that person. Your answers to these questions will help you shape your writing. You will probably use a different tone to persuade your partner to have an Indian meal at the Star of India than you would if you are asking your boss to change your hours.
  2. You will be more successful if you are subtle, rather than using strong-arm tactics or trying to manipulate the person. Ask yourself – how would you respond if someone tried to bully you?

There is rarely any place for veiled threats – or unveiled ones (‘If you don’t come for an Indian meal, you may find you’ll be living on your own …!’)

Take a look at this video It might give you some other tips!

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