Three tips to break into media and publishing


There are about two million people employed in the United Kingdom’s creative organisations such as media and design. For people just starting out in the world of creative arts and media, getting published in this competitive market is the number one priority and concern. While quality of work will always be paramount to any potential publishing, there are a few tips you can utilize to get your foot in the door and ensure your work gets a fair shot.

Perfect your portfolio

When you are in the world of design and media, basic cover letters and resumes will not make the cut. You want to stand out and showcase your creativity as soon as you can, for your work to even be considered. A key tactic to factor in is that you must think like an employer and consider what would make them curious to learn more about you and your work. A professional portfolio with easy-to-access links to your media work and professional images to your previous interior and exterior art designs is absolutely crucial if you want an employer to see you as a serious candidate.

Avoid any gaps in your work history

While you may be pining for a dream job, it is important to avoid any employment gaps in your work history. It is always better to work relevant jobs or do volunteer work than remain unemployed until you get your big break. This way your resume and portfolio are always up-to-date and showcase your hard work ethic and drive. Plus. experience in a similar field will only provide you with more knowledge and practical experience, so it is beneficial not only to your future employer, but to yourself as well.

Be persistent yet professional

Considering that media and design are competitive markets, being persistent without being pesky after an interview can show initiative and place you at the forefront. After an interview, if the interviewer lets you know a decision will be made at the end of the week, it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to follow-up if you have not heard back from them by that time.

Remember, the other candidates may be too timid to take this important step and by doing so you will stand out while showing initiative and determination, leaving another good impression. The key is remaining professional with the follow-up, and respecting any additional time a potential employer may need to make the decision.

While getting your foot in the door of media and design publishing may seem intimidating, there are practical steps to take to in order to make a breakthrough. By incorporating your creativity in your portfolio, keeping your work history active and updated and showing determination by following-up, you can get that much closer to making a lasting mark and landing your dream job.

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