Social media marketing tips for the new decade


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It’s nearly impossible to grow your customer base and sales without a social media presence. There are over 330 million users on Twitter, 1 billion users on Instagram and a massive 2.23 billion users on Facebook. In other words, there are a lot of people who could become your customers that are hanging out on social media.

You may already have a social media account, but are you getting new followers each month who are interacting on your platform? If not, you need to step up your social media game.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, growing your social media presence is important in order to get your business in front of more consumers and increase sales.

Here are a few tips for improving your social media presence in 2020.

Use the right tools

If you want to improve your social media presence, you need to post on social media often and at the optimal times. But as a business owner, you don’t have enough time in your day to constantly be logging in to all your social media accounts. That’s why you need to use the right tools.

Using tools to schedule posts will help you stay active on social media and save you time.

Focus on customer service

Social media is the new platform for customer service. Instead of giving a business a call or waiting hours (sometimes days) for a company to respond to an email, many customers who are having issues now turn to social media to get help from brands. In fact, 54 percent of customers prefer social messaging channels for customer care over phone and email.

Promote your social media accounts

Don’t expect your customers to know about all your social media platforms and go searching for them themselves – you’ve got to tell them they exist. If you make it easy for customers to follow or like your social media profiles, they’ll be more willing to take action.

Start promoting your social media accounts to your customers and ask them to interact with you on your profiles. You can add social media icons to your site, add your social media feeds to your sidebar, tell people to follow you on social media at the end of your blog posts, and promote your social media accounts in your email marketing.

Pay attention to what’s trending

One of the best ways to create a bigger social media presence for your business is to piggyback on popular social media trends. This will get your profile in front of a ton of users who never knew about your business before and could even help your posts go viral.

You can stay on top of trends just by taking a look at what’s going on. For instance, on Twitter you can see the top trending hashtags on the left side on the homepage in the Trends for You section. Look at what hashtags you can use to get more views.

Focus on eye-catching visuals

It can be difficult to get noticed in crowded social media feeds, so you need to make your business stand out. One of the best ways to stand out on social media and increase your presence is to focus on using eye-catching visuals.

Try to avoid using too many boring stock photos. Instead, focus on sharing images that will connect with users. Share high-quality behind-the-scenes photos and people using your products. You can even share your customers’ photos of them interacting with your product with their permission, which also creates social proof.

Actively engage with your audience

Would you keep talking to someone who never returned your messages? Probably not. Users won’t want to follow you on social media or interact with you if they get nothing in return.

That’s why it’s so important to actively engage with your audience on social media.

If you want to create a social media presence, then your social media accounts need to become a community. That means when someone comments on your posts, you should reply to them or at least like their comment.

Engaging with your followers will not only increase your social media presence, but help you develop real relationships with customers.

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