Social media marketing tips for small businesses


Social media marketing for business is not something that should be done “because everyone is doing it”. There are quite a few things businesses overlook, and they should plan their strategy down to the last detail.

1. Commit to social media

First and foremost, you have to commit to social media.

Marketing is a challenge, and social media is no different. It is difficult to gain followers, create content that is relevant, and increase engagement.

It takes up to a year to get the hang of it all. Consistency is key, as well as knowing what your audience wants.

It all starts with creating a social media strategy. It should include your company mission statement, plans for content, which platforms you intend to post to, and targets. Why should people follow you on social media? Write it down!

2. Personality

You may be posting as a business, but if there is no personality in your posts, people will stop following you. Be the face of your business.

People buy from people, they prefer the human element of a business.

Connect with your followers, share personal aspects of your business with them. Whether that’s your office space, or the coffee shop you get your coffee from.

3. Don’t promote constantly

Social media is just that, SOCIAL. If you are constantly posting promotions or ads for your products or services, people will get bored and unfollow you.

Ask your followers questions, get their point of view on something related to your business. If you have a product based business, ask if they like XX product, and what they like about it.

4. Be selective

Last but not least. Don’t spread yourself thin by utilising every single platform. Research them and see which two or three would be best for your business. If you only have time for one, then choose one and master that before adding a second or third.

Social media marketing is a full time job.

Creating and posting content to each platform takes time, and it’s not something you can just “do”. You must plan your content in advance, and look for unique days and hashtags that you can include.

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