Keeping up to date with social media


Our social media marketing course equips you with the skills you need to help you use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more, as powerful marketing tools.

Social media is constantly changing. Which is why it is important to keep up with the latest trends to ensure that your strategy is still successful.

It is time to review your existing social media marketing strategy to find what works and what can be improved.

Engagement is important

In 2018, Facebook announced that there would be more focus on meaningful interactions as part of their updated algorithm.

As organic reach becomes harder, the only way to survive is to aim for content that is:

  • Interesting.
  • Appealing.
  • Engaging.

Algorithms are becoming smarter so there’s no short route to genuine engagement. It’s not enough anymore to encourage people to like, comment, and share your post.

Social platforms are trying to cut down on engagement bait techniques, so you may risk losing your existing reach in the longer term with such techniques.

It is time to start thinking of an improved engagement strategy for every channel to continue reaching your followers.

Focus on specific channels

Social media marketing is becoming more competitive and the most successful professionals realise that you need to focus on the best-performing channels for your business.

It’s more important to go after niche audiences that are relevant to your business. There’s no need to broadcast the same message to all platforms if you don’t see a successful result from it.

Don’t be afraid to limit down your work to two channels, for example, if you’re noticing that these two channels will bring you the best ROI.

Videos, and live streaming

Blog posts can still be effective in 2019. Long-form posts can still engage readers, provided that they are appealing and properly formatted to facilitate the reading experiences across all devices.

From the rise of Youtube to the introduction of IGTV, social media platforms were always interested in highlighting video content. Facebook has even adjusted their algorithm to ensure that video posts show up more frequently on our feeds.


Social media marketing is going towards a stage that focuses more on ROI, new technologies and a trusting relationship between the brand and the customers.

The only way to survive is to ensure that you:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Review your social media marketing strategy.
  • Allocate time and budget to new tools and technologies.
  • Keep your focus on what works.
  • Do your best to build trust with your users in every campaign.

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