Skills you need as a proofreader


Do you ever dream of leaving your office job and striking out on your own as a freelancer? Our proofreading course may help.

It’s a common ambition to go freelance. The freedom is the biggest attraction for many people as it allows you to work around your other commitments while.

This means you can go on holiday whenever you want and command your own wages.

This is why people are enrolling on our online proofreading course to give them valuable editorial skills that would allow them to start a small freelance business from home.

As a proofreader, you would basically check documents to ensure there are no errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. You would also ensure text and diagrams are positioned correctly and make the layout attractive.

To mark the changes to the document, proofreaders need to use the internationally recognised British Standard institution symbols.

A good proofreading course will give you all the training and skills you need. However, it is important to have the right skills and interests to make a career as a freelance proofreader.

Obviously, a high standard of English, especially grammar and spelling is essential. A degree in English literature or language would be an advantage but not necessary.

You also need good IT skills, strong attention to detail and the ability to handle repetitive tasks. It also helps to enjoy working on your own and to be highly self-motivated.

Proofreading course certifications are vital

Once you have decided that you have the right skills and the motivation to pursue a career in proofreading, your next step would be to do our proofreading course.

Once you have the certification, you will have to establish yourself as a freelance proofreader. This is where your business and marketing knowledge will put you at an advantage.

Networking is important in order to meet new clients as well developing a strong online presence on social media. It’s essential to always be on the look-out for new opportunities in order to maintain your career prospects.

There are bound to be hurdles along the way as the market is very competitive. However, it is important to not be put off by these set-backs and remember that there is always a demand for good proofreaders.

As with anything else, persistence is key.

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