Time management is an essential skill if you are setting up your own proofreading business after completing your proofreading course. Efficient proofreaders know how to organize their time effectively, in order to meet deadlines and to fit in more work.

If you have just complete an online proofreading course, you will find these timemanagement tips helpful.

1. Understand the job

It is vital to know and fully understand what is expected of you. Make sure you get a clear, written briefing. It will save time later.

2. Conduct brief meetings

Brief meetings achieve two things. First, they enable people to spend more timeworking, and secondly, they finish before they become irrelevant and bogged down with unnecessary detail. Set an agenda and a time limit – and stick to them. Meetings don’t need be too long.

3. Review the way you work

Good proofreaders follow procedures. But it’s worth asking yourself whether you are doing a job the best way. There may be a more effective way of achieving the same result. Just because a certain task has always been performed in a certain way, does not mean that it is the only way it can be performed.

4. Analyse the use of your time

Never assume that you are using your time perfectly. Stop and think frequently, and ask yourself and other people if there are other ways of achieving the desired end results but in a more cost-effective way.

5. Protect your time from intrusions

When you dealing with a proofreading job, make sure that you work without disturbance.

6. Set deadlines, but consider quality issues

Always remember that proofreaders’ work must be perfect. So promising tight deadlines should never be at the cost of quality. Make sure your deadlines are realistic.

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