Successful writers will usually tell you their rewards come from hard work and being organised.

You can do a freelance journalism course, and produce some great articles. But this won’t be enough if you don’t plan a strategy to market yourself and your work.

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If you follow the steps we suggest – or even half of them – then you’ll be on the way to establishing a strong client base and useful income.

We strongly recommend drawing up an action plan.

But if you don’t transfer the tasks to your calendar it will become an ‘inaction plan’!

You should identify daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and schedule them.

Then use your calendar as a daily to-do list.

It’s hard work to get everything scheduled to begin with … and it takes discipline to keep it going. But it’s worth it – it works! But only if you really want it to work.

I’ll be honest: most people don’t bother. They’re not prepared to put in the effort. They say they want to success, but deep down, they don’t. So it really depends whether you’re prepared to put in the work.

Our freelance journalism course shows you how to write, and how to sell your work. But the graft is down to you!

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