As a freelance web designer I wanted to improve my SEO knowledge to better my client services.

I had previously done the Copywriting course, so I had an idea of what to expect. However, the course exceeded my expectations in that it was packed full of current, relevant tips and tools to improve my understanding and implementation of SEO on client sites. I learned more than I had expected.

The tutorial support was excellent. 10/10. Jennie Harborth went above and beyond to provide comprehensive feedback on my assignments including many more useful links and references to further my understanding. I cannot thank her enough for her excellent tutoring.

The course was relevant, current and comprehensive. Providing a clear foundation in many areas of SEO, including ones I was not already familiar with as a (WordPress) web designer. I loved the additional links and references provided for those who would like to explore more about the topic (without bogging down the chapter notes and overloading the learning experience).

I learnt so much! I initially took the course as a way to ‘certify’ what I already knew as a web designer. However, it exceeded my expectations in that it taught me so much of the finer detail that I did not know as a web designer with eight years in the industry. I have a new arsenal of tools and knowledge at my disposal to take my web designing and UX to a whole new level.

Overall, the course was excellent. It exceeded my expectations. I especially loved the assignments. They were well crafted and diverse and gave the opportunity to really explore the lesson’s topics as a student.

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